At the moment when Surdak went to war, several knights of the guard camp in Chengtou were rushed out of the battlements, and the vicious dogs of hell rushed to the ground. However, all the squad leaders of the rescue team were experienced, and the knights immediately led the exhibition to fight back and rescue those companions who were tackled by the vicious dogs.
It’s much luckier to follow the knight in the guard camp around Surdak. A knight with’ aura of power’ has been transformed into a knight. Surdak’s power has crushed these hellhounds. In just a quarter of an hour, there are more than a dozen hellhounds killed by Surdak at Chengtou.
Carl and his men rushed to Surdak to meet together.
Carl took a envious look at Surdak’s "Earth Shield" magic pattern structure. He has always been very jealous of the strongest magic pattern armor in this magic pattern structure …
This time, the hellhound attacked the Hailanza guard camp on a large scale, and the hellhound suffered a head-on blow from the squadron outside the city.
There are a total of 19 costumed knights in Hailanza Guard Camp, almost all of whom are higher than the strength of Helhounds. These costumed knights can crush these Helhounds even if they confront each other head-on in the plain battlefield. What’s worse, this kind of commanding guarding city and Helhounds have been beaten back again after a wave of siege.
After the battle, Surdak treated a wound for those knights who were slightly injured, avoiding the wound from being corroded by saliva in the mouth of hellhound, and did not rest. Once he took off his breastplate, he re-entered the treatment room and continued to bury himself in the treatment of those wounded soldiers guarding the Yugoslav capital.
The bodies of vicious dogs piled up in the city warehouse and came from other places to ask Surdak to treat the wounded. More and more wounded soldiers gradually lined up outside the warehouse.
The Yugoslav capital guards suffered heavy losses this time, and most of the guards who came from the city were injured. Surdak was almost busy until dark to catch his breath.
Not hearing Chengtou blow the horn of war means that the battle in Chengtou is not fierce.
Small-scale combat Surdak didn’t even attend dinner. He ate marching rations and cooked batter porridge. Although it wasn’t delicious, he didn’t eat anything for a day. The knight was so hungry that he put his heart on his back. When the batter porridge arrived, everyone almost took a sip and added another bowl.
Surdak leaned against the stone wall at the foot of the city wall, and his hand holding the skinning knife was still shaking slightly. Carl sat next to him and smiled. He said it was asking for trouble …
The watchtower of Chengtou has been relieved, and archers are coming from Bena. Archers quickly climb the watchtower, and the heavy crossbowmen and long archers quickly leave the wall and return to the camp to rest.
There came an archer with a forest bow on his back. He covered his arm and looked miserable as if he was struggling with every step.
Chapter 432 Half Elf Archers
In the evening, the city of Wozhmala gradually became quiet, and Surdak and Carl rested by sitting on the wall.
Archers in the Arched Tower are relieved. A group of archers are coming from Chengtou. Almost everyone has one or two hellhound heads hanging around his waist.
The tarot tree on the street is almost twenty meters high, and the dense branches and leaves on the top of the tree still hide the green awn. It is said that the tarot fruit will take 30 years to bear fruit, and the tarot fruit is a magical material, which is actually planted on both sides of the street.
A tarot fruit fell at the foot of Surdak, and the peel snapped into six petals, which curled slightly to expose the spindle pulp inside, emitting a faint fragrance of tree oil.
Surdak was about to stretch out his hand to pick up Taroko when he saw an archer with his right arm coming towards him.
He drew back his hand and looked up at the archer with a gray linen hat. He was wearing a tattered leather armor and couldn’t see his face clearly. There were five hellhound heads hanging around his waist.
The archer’s arm is covered with bandages. He is tall and thin. The forest bow behind him is very special. The dark green bow has a vine pattern on the back. Usually, the archer in the army uses an alloy bow or a standard army crossbow, and he doesn’t wear standard light leather armor.
A touch of dark green with a long bow-Gensoul Ducker remembered that the archer who helped himself clear during the battle in the daytime seemed to be holding a green bow. If the archer hadn’t shot a blind hellhound with an arrow, I’m afraid that hellhound’s paw shot at that time estimated that the armor’ Earth Shield’ would have to be activated to block the hellhound’s blow.
Carl wants to tell the archer that it’s time to rest, and therapists and people need to rest for a while.
But before he could speak, Surdak asked the archer, "What can I do for you?"
The archer didn’t speak like a mute and pointed to his swollen arm.
Surdak got up quickly and stretched out his hand to touch the arm that looked swollen. The archer consciously stepped back and put on a defensive posture.
Surdak took a look at the archer and guessed that he probably didn’t want to untie his bandage here. After all, everyone has their own secrets, so he pointed to the treatment room over there and said, "Then you are injured … go to the treatment room to deal with it?"
Archers nodded slightly as Surdak steps into the treatment room.
Carl got up and tried to gather together to watch the fun.
When he got up and left, he found several poor children in rags coming from the tree across the street, but their goal didn’t seem to be the tarot fruit that their children were staring at. They rushed over to Carl with the tarot fruit in their hands first, but they looked at Carl with disappointment, but they chose to scatter some at the first time and ran back to the tarot tree across the street.
Carl glanced at the taroko in his hand. A little girl who looked the oldest walked slowly and ran breathlessly. He went over and handed the taroko to the little girl. The little girl stupidly took the taroko. Her dirty face was full of tension.