Suddenly, the evil water spurted out like a column, accompanied by a circle of blasting rings, tearing hundreds of feet arrogantly, which dealt a heavy blow to the stunned holy body of Mo Ling.
Before the holy ghost roared, the devil was shocked and angry, but he still cracked and collapsed. He rolled back and slammed the wall of the Tenth Hall and then landed heavily.
Seeing that the devil was hit hard by the six phases, the two cliffs were excited and thunderous!
Then it’s time to step into the devil’s six-phase ghost beast. After hearing the noise around him, he suddenly stopped. The six beasts and the ox heads scanned the people on the opposite shore and Luo Yu and others respectively!
Ho ~
The evil wind accompanied by anger and anger and the evil water swept through hundreds of miles in six directions, which can be described as destroying the vicious swamp, which is stronger than the boundary and the nether world can be torn apart!
At one time, the cliff on the other side collapsed, and the flower sea on the other side was like a vertical and horizontal gap.
Panic and screams are everywhere.
Some unlucky monks have been hit by evil water and instantly turned into a pool of blood, which is terrible.
Seeing this, Luo Yu knows that Six Phases are crazy at the moment, regardless of the enemy and the enemy.
He narrowly escaped the scourges and jumped over the rocks, then shouted at the other side, "Hurry back to the mountains and seas!"
No, Luo Yu woke up. Someone has already prompted Yang Jian to return.
But it is strange that they still can’t get out of the danger after counting the interest!
Seeing that Wei Dingyan saved Xu Hengxuan who was almost shot to death, he reversed and roared, "Unstable …!"
Words haven’t say that finish is another evil water destroyed by heaven and earth, and Wei Dingyan has grabbed Xu Hengxuan and Fang Yi to flee for life.
Seeing this, Luo Yu was in a hurry. "Six-phase roaring and roaring are as chaotic as hundreds of miles of turbulence?"
At this moment, the partridge flashed to the side and gasped, "The male partridge is ready."
"oh? Say it quickly! "
I didn’t wait to ask, but I saw the partridge spread its arms at the other side. The feather sleeves flew like the wind and the wings spread. Suddenly, the phantom of purple fire wings reflected on the other side, echoing thousands of miles with a high kang Fengming!
Suda Luoyu and others can see that the shadows of the six remnant souls on the other side’ swish’ flash!
Bearer is Meng Po, the six ghosts.
Far away, Yin soldiers, bone soldiers, and six generals and other ghosts led the ranks.
However, seeing that six ghosts will have their own magical powers and measure Yin forces behind them, a Ran Ran rose to barely protect the heart of all the monks.
Only then did they greet Luo Yu respectfully and "visit the temple"
Obviously, Six Ghosts have already known his identity, and at the same time, Gu has also learned from the mouth of the Ghosts that the real terror of Emperor Xiao Liu can be dealt with in advance, so please help the ghosts to prevent accidents.
After all, judging from the current situation, Emperor Xiaoliu has turned into a six-phase ghost beast, and his six relatives have denied it.
Seeing this, Luo Yu thanked him. "Thank you for your help. Please help me return to Yang first."
"This …!"
Six ghosts are hesitant to listen.
Then Meng Po apologized and said bluntly, "The temple is always full of residual soul force. Can you resist it for a moment? If you help them leave the temple and return, please think twice."
The ghost goalkeeper who first learned the identity of Luo Yu also urged "Temple ~! It’s been a long time since the heavens and the earth collapsed. You are a god! How can the Six-phase Honors, regardless of the enemy and the enemy’s temple, risk their lives? Please ask the temple to cross to the other side. It will be dangerous if it is late! "
Those monks who have been breathing for a while will have the intention of abandoning them, and they immediately fell silent and drummed their hearts.
Because they know that once the ghost will try his best to help Luo Yu and others return, he will spare no effort to help them return to the mountains and seas stably, so that they can escape from the original road until they are hundreds of miles away from this chaotic range.
But ….. It’s a few hundred miles away, and it’s usually simple. But at the moment, there’s a six-phase ghost beast, and it’s going to be a narrow escape!
At the moment, they still have ghosts who will work together to protect them for a while, but what if the ghosts will attack the Yin forces? I’m afraid none of these Xiu Yuan brothers can escape!
Although many people choose silence in front of life and death at the moment.
However, it is also like the Five Elements Sect and the Magic Palace people who are willing to risk their lives to ask Luo Yu to return quickly.
However, Wei Dingyan and others urged, "Don’t hesitate to ask the ghost to return to the other side quickly!"
Xu Hengxuan and Fang Yi are constantly shouting anxiously.
"I don’t hesitate to die, so please come back quickly!"
Los feather turned to look at the six phases of heaven and earth that are raging at the moment and the Lord who has revived the ink spirit.
He always stretched out his hand to stop the side also want to persuade Bai Yang and others at the other side with a decisive smile "heaven collapsed muddy dark three thousand world decay, mountains and seas mustard hidden GouAn once reincarnation dream wake up … what god is precious? Today, the devil is still worried about the two worlds. Since I have a good chance to learn from my father, my stepmother is willing to take this opportunity to wipe out the future troubles.
Think back to the time when the nether world capsized … I couldn’t stay today. How can I go back? "
Come on, he has shown his arm and said to the ghost general, "I have made up my mind. Please help me to repair outside the mountain and return to Yang!" "
This statement is moving when it is outstanding.
The ghost keeper seemed to see the great monument of the ancient yellow road in the past for a moment, but he was stubborn and unyielding, and he muttered with awe, "The past years are still vivid!"
After that, his ghosts and generals have come crashing down on one knee and said, "Follow the decree of the temple!"
In a flash, all the ghosts will join forces to sacrifice and draw ghost symbols and shrink again, and the enchantment of ghost fire will shrink all of them.
Enchantment vulva soldiers surrounded into 72-size cascade ring array, and the soul force started to burn like a thousand jack-o’-lanterns, which became the silk thread of the tunnel.