Three priory magicians whipped the jungle by magic. When they heard the news that three hellhounds handed me, they immediately plunged into the jungle and saw Flanagan’s magician lying in the woodland with a bloody face. Suddenly, they widened their eyes and gathered in panic.
"Lord Flanagan, what’s the matter?"
"ah! They killed the Flanagan magician and chased him quickly, otherwise we will all be responsible for the high-level accountability of the parliament! "
"Hurry up!"
The priory wizard ordered several or three hellhounds and punishment demons around him.
The bloody skin was corroded to reveal a large area of sauce purple muscle and tall punishment demon. In situ, some people protested impatiently to the sorcerer. The priory sorcerer turned white and said to his companion with some trembling, "It is not satisfied with giving blood and food …"
"I’ll do it this time!" The companion hesitated, then rode a magic whip to fly to the top of the punishment demon, picked up a dagger, cut a two-finger wide wound on his wrist, and a deep red wind and heat flow came from his wrist.
The tall punishment demon looked up and held a heavy chain, with his mouth open, and greedily swallowed the blood flowing from the wrist of the priory wizard into his stomach.
Punishment magic eyes become deep red again, and some dark purple magic lines appear, and a little bit of dark magic gas condenses from all around.
The magician shook his body slightly by riding a magic whip before stopping his bleeding wrist.
Although the punishment demon seems a little unsatisfied, it still keeps striding towards the front and chasing it.
Suldak Gulitem successively killed four or three hellhounds and got twelve hellhounds’ heads in one breath. These three hellhounds’ heads belong to the second-class precious sacrifice of Warcraft. If you sacrifice three, you can get the advanced blessing from the face of God.
In order to be able to collect the offerings at any time, there are always three magic boxes in Surdak’s magic pocket.
But this time, they were in a bad situation. Two or three hellhounds stopped them next to the mountain wall. After a fierce battle, they successfully killed two hellhounds, but these two or three hellhounds were successful in delaying their escape, and two or three hellhounds appeared behind them. In addition, three men rode magic to slap the priory magician, and a tall demon was still behind them.
After a hard struggle, even Gullit was a little breathless. The ogre leaned against the stone wall by sitting on a big stone and breaking bones with a big stick. He held the water bag over his head and wiped his face with all the clear water in it. He was scratched by three hellhound claws, and several wounds flowed out. The blood has dyed his half red.
There is also a deep bone wound cut by the wind blade on the shoulder. Surdak Although the wound was treated by holy light, the wound toxin was not cleaned up, so the wound continued to suffer from corrosion.
Samira had a tree crown. She looked down at the nine arrows left, and a worried look flashed in her eyes.
The magic tattoo on the right arm is frequently made so that the whole right shoulder is hot now. She can feel a faint repulsion. If the arm strength is overloaded again, it is likely that the force will be unbearable to the magic tattoo.
Surdak squatted in the crevice behind Gullit, and quickly set up a sacrificial altar. In one breath, he sacrificed nine hellhounds’ heads to the face of God, and three light golden beams fell from the heads of the three people.
After understanding the three kinds of high-level blessings, Surdak chose to bless the ogre Gulitem with the’ Bati’. This blessing effect not only greatly enhances physical fitness and resilience, but also makes the body have strong resistance and relieves curses, magic and poisoning to a certain extent.
A light beam full of divine power fell, and the ogre felt a powerful force injected into the body. Some blood forces in the body were awakened by that force, and he could feel that the muscles at the wound were constantly crawling and splitting, and the wound was healing with the naked eye.
Samira gets the blessing effect of’ real eyes’, and the visual field in her eyes has changed a little. Samira is still having some difficulty in adapting to those messy lines for a while, which makes her dizzy. She can close her eyes first, even so, the surrounding information is still pouring into her brain crazily.
Surdak’s own choice was’ Holy Shield’. When this blessing effect came, the edge of his arm was bitten to pieces by hellhounds. The Moses Blessing Shield actually glowed with a different sacred glow, and the whole shield appeared holy silver.
Two or three hellhounds dare not lean in the distance, willing to spew magic bullets desperately. Four or three hellhounds have been poured down one after another in front of them, so these hellhounds with primary wisdom dare not lean in easily. Even if three magicians fly in from behind, they keep issuing attack instructions, but three hellhounds still refuse to move forward.
The three priory magicians dare not get too close. Because they can emit low-level magic by riding a magic handle, they have the courage to fall beside the hellhound. At the same time, some black magic tattoos have emerged on their bodies, and finally they have entered the battlefield. They are five meters tall and much taller than the ogre.
He has two shackles in his hand, and every step forward will make a series of noises.
Going … going …’
Because the criminal demon is huge and enters the jungle, all the trees that hinder his action will be trampled down by it.
Punishment magic feet with a dark red six-pointed star array at first glance to see the ogre Gulitim waving his bloody chain huge chain issued a’ shout’ break.
Seeing a chain coming towards him, Gullit quickly raised his broken bone stick to parry.
The huge bloody chain smashed the bone, and the end of the chain smashed a tree trunk behind Gulitem. Then the chain wound the broken bone, and the stick was nearly two meters higher than the ogre. The demon suddenly pulled back to take the stick from the ogre’s hand, but I didn’t expect that it only pulled the ogre forward two steps. This huge punishment demon has no obvious advantage.
Punishment issued a unwilling roar and dark magic lines burned one by one.
The ogre can obviously feel that the power of the punishment demon is increasing and he is getting closer to the punishment demon …
Samira tree hid several magic bullets in succession. She shot the next three arrows, shot three hellhound dogs blind, and then quickly hid behind a big tree.
Although she has a clearer vision and looks at the quiver, she has a hard time saying it.
Surdak blessed himself with a "sacred shield" to resist those two or three hellhounds.
But these two or three hellhounds are a little timid, and they dare not rush to hold up the shield. Instead, they are like two movable batteries with six heads constantly spewing magic bullets and beating Samira around.
Samira had been misfiring for a while, and Surdak realized that the half-elf archer was probably shot by an arrow sac …
Surdak’s sacred shield also failed to achieve the expected results.
The wizards of the priory across the street actually cast negative magic effects on him, such as "sleeping cloud", "deepening pain" and "slowness". The sacred shield can’t stop this kind of curse magic. If it weren’t for the holy light, he could resist the hypnotic effect of "sleeping cloud". I’m afraid he would have fallen asleep on the battlefield by now.
Even so, the three magicians alternately cast their magic and released shadow arrows. Surdak couldn’t get close, and the shield kept blocking this’ Moses Blessing Shield’ shadow arrow, which eroded the surface pattern. It has changed beyond recognition.
Let him clearly realize that fighting is burning money …
At that time, the three members of the security team were caught in a bitter struggle.