"What do you want? These are just deceptive tricks. Have you ever thought about what you really want? Those roots are not gold and silver that can be bought. These things behind our repeated killings have disappeared and will never come back. "
Flowers are not flowers, almost plaintive sounds. More than a dozen black killers are floating at the door of the courtyard. When the sun rises, the little eunuch returns to the imperial city. At that moment, when someone finds the dead flat Wangfu Yan into the body, the whole imperial city will inevitably make waves again.
"You go, remember not to let me find you again. My sword won’t have feelings." The name flashed aside. Hua Feihua knelt there and knocked three heads. The petals were scattered and withered in the handshake.
"From now on, flowers are not flowers!"
Chapter three hundred and thirty-two Imperial City Chaos (10)
A light cough, the eunuch’s throat suddenly itched, and it was light enough to block the sound with his hands. The figure of Zhu Yuanzhang shook his body and sat up straight with his eyes open.
"The emperor’s old slave deserves to die." When the eunuch saw that he woke up, the emperor was so scared that he knelt down. Don’t look at the daily palace before Weifu Zhu Yuanzhang, who is always a slave. Be very careful in everything.
"Get up, no matter what you do, I had a nightmare." Zhu Yuanzhang’s eyes were slightly bloodshot. The Royal Guards tried their best. How to grasp the size of the Royal Guards if they want to move? If a branch doesn’t have spikes or the branches and leaves themselves are also threatened, those Royal Guards and Aquamarine will never hurt themselves unless they have to.
The eunuch in charge got up and walked down the front of the eunuch. "The emperor is too tired to entertain foolish ideas. It is better to go back to rest early and be careful not to hurt the dragon body."
Zhu Yuanzhang took a deep breath. "Don’t you want to hear what I dreamed?"
The eunuch in charge said, "An old slave doesn’t dare to do imperial things, that is, a political slave is a eunuch, so long as he serves the emperor well."
Zhu Yuanzhang ha ha a joy "or you will know how to behave. If everyone can do this, I won’t have to worry every day."
"The old slave will die in print if he can get such praise from the emperor."
"What is this unlucky?"
"Bah, I don’t know what to say and what not to say when I boast of this mouth." The eunuch in charge took advantage of the situation to slap his face, but he was not happy to beat himself. Who can really do it?
"Well, I dreamed of Yan Jin."
"Yan adult!" As soon as the eunuch’s eyes turn, he knows clearly that the emperor has been worried about Yan Jin these days. It’s the first time to see the emperor. One thing is so hesitant. In those days, Hu Weiyong’s case of aquamarine was the official meritorious service in the DPRK. In the end, it was a wave of his hand that killed him without mercy. Zhu Yuanzhang’s cold-blooded nature revealed doubts at that moment.
Zhu Yuanzhang nodded. "I saw Yan Jin holding a knife with blood and dead people all over the ground. Those people are all going to be bad for me."
"The emperor’s dream should be that Ji Cai said that his life would be turbulent again today." The eunuch in charge left Zhu Yuanzhang’s side for many years, and he had already found out that he liked Zhu Yuanzhang’s temper and spoke equally sweetly.
Zhu Yuanzhang shook his head and the eunuch stole a look. First he nodded, then he shook his head and guessed the emperor’s mind. He simply chose to shut up and tell the emperor what he wanted to say. If he didn’t want to ask, it would be boring.
"It’s a pity that an arrow finally landed on Yan Aiqing." Zhu Yuanzhang finished squeezing his forehead with his hands and his tired nerves relaxed.
"The emperor doesn’t have to mean it’s just a dream."
"I hope so"
When the master and servant were talking, the eunuch trotted to the hall. These days, the emperor wanted to read the memorial here. He lit it himself. Although it was an inconspicuous job, there were many doorways in it. Where should the candlelight be higher? Where should it be brighter? When should it be extinguished? It should be just right. No mistakes can be made.
"Inside the emperor?"
The eunuch Zhang Deng asked the little eunuch in front of the door, "Back to Sun Gonggong, Huang Gonggong is waiting inside."
"This old thing"
Eunuch Zhang Deng scolded 1: When they entered the palace, they were almost the same, and they could stand out from many eunuchs. They had their own means. One was Zhang Deng, and the other was Zhang Zhang’s position, which was naturally different. In the same palace, it seemed calm, and the dark tide was surging in the back. People who wanted this place had to have enough backers when they were born.
Naturally, the highest time to gain the status of emperor’s esteem is that after the death of Ma Dajiao, the concubine in the harem, Zhu Yuanzhang decided not to stand up, and the whole harem was handed over to the favored two concubines to jointly take charge of the form, forming a struggle between their eunuchs and maids.
Those handfuls of soft knives that kill people without seeing blood are more cruel than fighting on the battlefield.
"The old slave has something important to meet the emperor." The eunuch Zhangdeng came to the crowd and shouted, "The eunuch Zhangdeng turned around and just saw his head and face sink. The two of them privately did not pay for consolidating the palace forces, especially the grandson’s father-in-law had long been thinking about the position of the eunuch Zhangdeng.
"The emperor slave to see"
Zhu Yuanzhang waved his hand at this time, and his mind was still fighting the dream for many years. It happened that Zhu Yuanzhang had such a strange dream at this time.
The eunuch in charge walked out from the inside and coughed. "Sun Gonggong is still bright today. Why is it so early!"
Father-in-law Sun laughed. "Yo, I don’t know if there is a rule in this palace that people who hold lanterns can’t come out during the day."
The eunuch in charge is happy. "That’s not true. I’ll talk about it when I’m tired of reading the throne."
"This matter is very important. You must see the emperor immediately." The eunuch who holds the lamp knows that the emperor is just a eunuch in charge, which deliberately makes things difficult for him.
"Let him in."
"Slave’s command"
Zhu Yuanzhang’s sound came out in it. The eunuch had to step back and light the lamp. The eunuch stepped into his left hand and pushed it just to push the eunuch’s waist and abdomen. The whole person’s center of gravity was unstable and he hit his head against the column and gave a bang.
"Liu Gonggong how so careless"
The eunuch in charge can eat YaBaKui at this time, and the whole person can lift the orchid finger with his right hand and frown "You wait"
The eunuch who holds the lantern, ha ha, a happy face and a proud step into his heart. Although the eunuch is bigger than himself, he dare not do anything to himself.
"I kowtow to the emperor"
"Get up and talk"
The eunuch who held the lantern respectfully came near and disappeared with a smile on his face. "What can I do for you?"
"Go back to the emperor and patrol the city and wait outside."
"Oh, but the Yugoslav capital?"
Zhangdeng eunuch shook his head. "Listen to Sun’s adult Ping Wangfu’s discovery of the body."
"Pingwangfu" heard the word Pingwangfu and Zhu Yuanzhang instantly looked up. The status of this half-brother in Zhu Yuanzhang’s heart is far from others’.
"Who is so bold to make things go to Pingwangfu?"
"I don’t know if I heard from Lord Sun, who is patrolling the city, that I will come to Miansheng only when there is an old place in Ren Huang."
Zhu Yuanzhang frowned, and there were not many old people in the whole capital. "Can you ask if it is a person?"
Zhangdeng eunuch shook his head. "Sun’s adult looks very anxious, but I forgot to ask."
"Let him in" Zhu Yuanzhang recognized some slimness and was also curious to find out.
"obey orders"
When the eunuch ran out of the palace quickly, although the distance from the imperial city to the outer city was the same as later, it was already panting to go through several gates in succession to the periphery of the imperial city
"The emperor ordered the adults who patrolled the city to enter the palace to face the saints."
This voice is really a false imperial edict, but even eunuchs have brothers and sisters.
"Master Sun, please"
Inside, the people waiting in front of the imperial city gate just happened to see the panting eunuch come near the "please cousin"
"This is not a place to talk." Say that finish and make a wink. The two of them have been in the eunuch’s palace for more than ten years. They are very familiar with the size of the road and come to a secluded place to check the low road. "At this time, it’s serious. The emperor is very upset these days. You are touring the city. Whether it is a blessing or a curse depends on your luck."
"Cousin, don’t worry, I’m ready."
The two of them kept coming to the front of the main hall to light the lanterns, followed the steps until they climbed to the end, and their legs were sore. Look at the majestic towering hall in front of them, and suddenly it gave people a sense of awe. This is the imperial city, and there is the most powerful man in heaven and earth.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-three The imperial city chaos (11)