It rushes to the clouds and slowly falls and swims against the earth.
It was a long time before Chao Yin Jian fell beside Gu Qingshan.
It hums gently.
"This is not your original world," Gu Qingshan affirmed.
Tide sword curiosity poked at the sand.
When it found that its whole blade was gradually sinking into the desert, it was panicked and pulled itself out.
"Not all the world is like this," Gu Qingshan explained.
"Calling you out is naturally important."
"Well, although I know the refining method, I don’t dare until you have a look at what materials I need to repair you."
Chao Yin Jian nodded his hilt to show his approval.
"The names of materials in your world are definitely different from those in my world. I need you to shape the appearance characteristics of various materials and determine the corresponding materials."
"I’ll fix you up after I collect all the materials."
Chao Yin Jian rolled in excitement at his words.
Suddenly, a luminous fish swam around from the hilt.
This is when Gu Qingshan’s lava cave met the sword spirit.
Fish swam around and landed before Gu Qingshan, tapping his forehead.
The little fish sank into the tidal sound sword again.
Gu Qingshan hesitated for a moment and murmured, "It is not easy to need so many materials."
Chao Yin Jian turned around him in a hurry.
"Don’t turn me dizzy" Gu Qingshan chuckled "Don’t worry, I said you will do it if you fix it"
"No, all the resources in this world have not been touched. It must be enough."
In the real world, all kinds of spiritual resources are no less than those in other worlds.
But in the real world, human beings never benefit from these resources.
Besides, Gu Qingshan
He has been busy every day since he was born again.
Until today, he finally has the ability to explore these resources.
He said confidently, "I should be able to fix you up. Please rest first and I’ll call you when the time comes."
The sword of tidal sound makes a clear sound and disappears into the void.
Gu Qingshan closed his eyes and found out his own situation.
This find out only to find that the breath is scattered and the spiritual force fluctuates from time to time.
The great realm has been advanced, but the spiritual power is still in a state of agitation.
So it’s not good to continue to break through.
Gu Qingshan will earn a few jade slips into colorful sachets.
He was about to put away the colorful sachets when it suddenly occurred to him.
Gu Qingshan looked at the colorful sachet.
This sachet is made of colorful silk thread, which looks inconspicuous, but fire and water will destroy everything.
When Baihuaxian had a premonition of death, he paid all the support to Gu Qingshan.
All the spiritual resources of Baihua Sect are in this colorful sachet.
That is to say, forgetfulness is also involved?
The Five-element Skill of the Hundred Flowers Immortal Society and the Skill of Wudao Guizang should all be here!
Gu Qingshan suddenly got excited.
A master who entrusts everything to himself is tantamount to acquiescing in his own efforts to make things happen.
Gu Qingshan glanced at ares interface.
"Residual Soul Force 56/3"
Sufficient soul power
If you don’t learn now, when are you waiting?
He immediately put the spirit force into the colorful sachet search achievement method.
For a long time, Gu Qingshan took a jade slip with a look.
He held the jade Jane ares interface and several indicators suddenly appeared.
"The grave is magical and forgetful."
"To practice this magical skill, you need to meet the preconditions."
"female yogi"
"Spiritual talent in the fifth paragraph of the Five Elements"