Outside the castle, there is a high wall on one side and a river bank on the other. The whole castle is surrounded by clear river water, and there are some aristocratic shops on the other side. This is the central part of north city, where shops receive nobles and the price is twice as low as that of civilian areas. Of course, it is absolutely different to enjoy them.
This restaurant is very new, and the dishes are not better than those in other high-end restaurants, but the location of the restaurant is just across the river, and the scenery outside is very good. Sitting by the window of the restaurant, you can enjoy the view of Newman Castle.
Surdak ate the last piece of fish on the plate, thinking that if he had the chance, he could take Samir here to try it.
He let go of his knife and took a sip of liqueur. He looked out of the window. There was an arched stone bridge 200 meters away. It was very lively. Couples of knights riding horses and vehicles full of supplies passed by the bridge in an endless stream.
Surdak asked curiously, "Why is it so lively over there?"
Hathaway walked over to him and looked over there with his eyes, explaining to Surdak that "at the beginning of the year, there were a lot of supplies and troops going to various private planes every day, and some came back from the plane to take turns to rest the troops. The bridge is the main road connecting Bena Castle, Courtyard and Garden. Of course, it is more lively than elsewhere."
Surdak still remembers that the plane of Marca was a square, and the square had a pair of keel to send the door, which was very shocking from the visual point of view. He asked, "When we went to Maca, it seemed to be a square. I don’t remember crossing this bridge."
"Many planes, including the Bailin plane, are privately owned by Duke Newman. Naturally, it is necessary to build the Maca plane in the back garden of Newman Castle. The plane coordinates were bought by the lords of Bena Province, so the Dawn Square will be built when the door is delivered." Hathaway was also curious to see the bridge.
"Otherwise, let’s go to the courtyard garden to see where the door is delivered. I haven’t been to the garden for a long time. It seems that no one has held a dance there recently," Beatrice suggested.
Hathaway frowned and said hesitantly, "It’s too crowded there. At present, the road should be under military control. It’s probably difficult to sneak in without a pass."
Hathaway turned to Surdak and asked, "Do you have anything to do before Dudak goes to Bailin?"
Surdak pondered for a while before saying, "I’m going to buy a batch of standard weapons from the military logistics department of Bena City in the next few days. My cavalry battalion cavalry can make the weapons mixed and unified to form a stronger fighting capacity."
"Why don’t we accompany you to the quartermaster?" Beatrice and Hathaway looked at each other almost at the same time and said
"Yeah, I also really want to where the military supplies office in Bena City is." Surdak patted his forehead and said.
Quartermaster’s Office There is a large courtyard outside the Quartermaster’s Logistics Office in the back square of Bena City Hall. This courtyard is full of all kinds of magic caravans, covering an area as large as a water polo field. People here exchange materials are almost a sea of people, and nearly 20 long queues are twisted and thrown into the courtyard.
Looking at the long line, Surdak can’t get some headaches.
He found himself at the end of the queue at this time, and it was very likely that he would have to wait until early in the day.
Obviously, Beatrice and Hathaway also miscalculated the degree of excitement here. Surdak looked at the left and right sides and said, "Otherwise, it would be my turn to wait in this line first."
"It’s even more lively here than in the courtyard garden, but when we get here, we don’t need to wait for Hathaway and my classmates to be logistics quartermasters. We can ask her for help," Beatrice said
"swordsman college classmates?" Surdak asked
"Yes, she graduated from the Quartermaster Logistics Department a year older than us. You wait for me and I’ll find her," Beatrice said.
It wasn’t long before Beatrice followed a young swordman and jostled her way through the crowd. When she saw Hathaway, they hugged each other. The dashing swordman took Hathaway and Beatrice by the shoulder and said, "We haven’t seen you for a long time. Have you both stopped going to the dance recently?"
Beatrice glanced at Surdak next to her and said with a smile, "There are just a few familiar faces at the dance here. We really don’t need to attend the dance. His name is Surdak and he is from Hailanza City."
"I’ve heard people say that Hailansa is so big. Is it also our province in Bena?" The female swordsman with a frown whispered three women.
"Of course!" Beatrice took the female swordsman’s hand and said, "Senior agnes, we are looking for you this time to exchange some military supplies at the munitions office."
"Military exchange or gold coin purchase?" The female swordsman asked Surdak directly, and she looked at Surdak curiously.
"Buy" Surdak said.
The female swordsman nodded slightly and asked, "What materials do you need? Magic grain cloth, Warcraft leather, all kinds of magic metal materials or what? These are easier. If you want magic herbs, I can’t help you. Now the management of magic herbs is very strict."
"I want to buy some cavalry weapons," Surdak said.
The female swordsman looked to the left and right, and then said cheerfully, "Well, then come with me!"
A line of four people walked along the crowd through the female swordsman and walked to the front. She skillfully blocked the crowd in front.
"Can the materials here be exchanged for military merits?" Surdak followed and asked
The female swordsmen looked a little surprised, but said, "Of course, there are few nobles who exchange military goods."
Before Surdak came, he had some plans. He took a detailed list from his pocket and handed it to the female swordsman. Then he asked, "This is the purchase list. What can’t you buy?"
The female swordsman glanced at the list and said casually, "There are all you in the standard weapon warehouse to go through the transaction formalities with me …"
Chapter 61 cavalry battalion weapons
Agnes, a female swordsman who passed through the crowded crowd, whispered to Beatrice from time to time. The surrounding environment was very noisy. They spoke softly. Surdak could listen to them intermittently saying that they had a topic, as if they knew the escape from the early hilly grassland.
Hathaway took Surdak’s arm and followed.
Surdak couldn’t help whispering, "Do you remember our experience of fleeing in the hilly grassland?"
Hathaway glared at Surdak and said with some resentment, "You were mad at me at that time. I always thought that you could help me more. Now I think that if you didn’t help us at that time, I’m afraid I might not be able to walk out of that meadow safely."
Then she looked at Surdak’s side face and gently leaned her head against his shoulder.
"Remember that craftsman who can repair the catapult? I don’t know how he’s doing, "Surdak sighed again and again." And the Trollope knight estimated that his injury would have healed long ago! "
Holding Surdak’s arm, the arm tightened again, and some warm body was attached to the sudden tenderness. Gensoul Dudak’s heart was slightly hot and backhand tightly buckled Hathaway’s finger.
Agnes walked directly through the office hall of the Military Supplies Department to a window and waved to a civilian with a stack of documents inside and ordered "Hornger, come here."
When the young clerk saw that agnes called him, he immediately trotted to the window and said carefully, "You wanted to see me, Lord agnes."
Agnes waved his hand at random and said to the young clerk in the partition window, "Go get an application form and help me fill out an application form for standard weapons."
Say that finish agnes handed the detailed list in his hand to the clerk called Hornger.
"Good Lord agnes!" Hornger got the detailed list and read it carefully to make sure there were no problems before saying, "Do you have any other orders?"
Agnes rubbed his eyebrows and said, "After filling it out, let colvin review and seal it and send it to my office!"
"Okay, I’ll do it right away, Lord agnes." Hornger immediately let go of the grating railing of the work counter to fill out an application form quickly, and the documents to be handed over can be placed beside him temporarily …
Agnes took out a white handkerchief and wiped her hands. She looked straight at the crowded hall and said to the three people, "It will take a while to finish the process, and we don’t want to occupy public resources here. Let’s go and sit in my office for a while."
Said the agnes female swordsmen will take three people downstairs through the patio on the second floor and directly come to the door of the logistics statistics office. Several staff members are burying their heads in the documents, and the pile of data in front of each desk is several feet high.
"Senior, I feel that your place is much busier than mine …" Hathaway whispered to the female swordsman in agnes.
Agnes swordsmen smiled and asked Hathaway, "I heard that you went to the Foreign Affairs Bureau at the party?"
She stopped at the door of a house, and a female assistant quickly got up. The female swordsman in agnes pushed the door and the female swordsman in agnes invited everyone to sit in.