I’m afraid no one will mind being called’ crane boy’ at such a big age.
However, when this person heard the word "crane boy", he was not angry but quite proud of the title.
Since you are a child, you naturally have a master.
He came from a crane, but the seven officials in front of the prime minister should follow the right master, even a small crane can override this sentient beings.
He is that little white crane that follow the right master.
Although Kyubi no Youko Yaosheng disdained it, he still didn’t put this old Taoist priest named Baihetong into his mind.
Because the owner is the’ Jade Qing King’, of course, few people have heard of this name. Jade Qing King also has his name, that is, the immortal emperor of Antarctica lives 33 days away, and the immortal emperor of Antarctica has two incarnations, which are the most famous.
One incarnation is-nine days should be Yuan Leipu, and the heavenly statue lives in the Imperial Department of Yushu Mansion, and it is also the first celestial realm of’ Shenxiao Jiuchen Emperor’.
Another incarnation is-the Antarctic fairy Weng has lost a cause and effect that once worshipped all the roots and the high heaven statue door.
The Great Immortal Emperor of Antarctica is a peerless figure who has been contending with the ancient five emperors, such as Qing Di, since ancient times. Later, he has become a recluse in heaven for thirty-three days.
This crane boy is the immortal emperor’s sitting child, who was punished by the immortal emperor for breaking the heavenly rules and could not return to heaven until the Millennium expired.
He has a distinguished history. Although he was born with a humble crane and followed the Antarctic immortal emperor, he could not become a Jin Xian in poor years, but the background was hard enough. Although the crane transfiguration belongs to the demon family, it can be said that the Buddhism is very demon family.
The crane boy said with a smile, "The demon goddess has always lived in the south. What brings you to this world of ice and snow?"
Kyubi no Youko Demon Saint said, "It’s been a long time since I saw Taoist Tianpeng come and walk around, crane boy. You’ve always been idle. How do you think of coming to the North Pole?"
The crane boy laughed. "That’s a coincidence. I’m also here to borrow a treasure from Tian Peng."
Kyubi no Youko demon saint mind a fiercely carry hand glittering and translucent fingers pinched immediately laughed coldly and sure enough, someone could not help but want to calculate her.
Chapter one hundred and eleven Robbery
Tianpeng Zun lives in the North Pole, but his residence is always on the move.
Even the demon saint in Kyubi no Youko wasted a lot of effort, which led to a clue, but I didn’t expect anyone to try to make her fall short.
Shi Tian Peng Zun Xiu may not know that she is coming, but the other party’s identity is equal to her. It is impossible to take the initiative to show up to see her. In the end, Kyubi no Youko Yaosheng will have to find it himself. If Kyubi no Youko Yaosheng is interrupted in the middle, it is also an act of God that cannot be forced.
After all, how long can Kyubi no Youko demon saints be humane and how long can they drag on for a while, which will make Qingqiu’s pulse a little more hopeless.
Kyubi no Youko Yaosheng will be in a dilemma if he has to delay for a long time. He will either go back to Zhongzhou and look for it slowly like looking for a needle in a haystack, or he will still have to find Li Zhichang. It is the other party’s wish. If she can’t crack it, she will find it in vain.
Moreover, Li Zhichang’s temperament may be ignored even if she bowed her head and begged the other party.
The problem now lies in the fact that someone can’t help but start work on her green hills.
After all, it is not a heart-warming thing for humanitarian forces to produce a character like her in every generation, Kyubi no Youko Demon Saint.
Bai Hetong is a confused person. Maybe he is not confused, but his identity is not so bad even if he does it.
This is the man behind you, please bring out the white crane boy.
Kyubi no Youko’s demon holy eyes are covered with a layer of frost, which is colder than this eternal snow field, but it is extremely calm. "I would be grateful if you would like to leave me, crane boy."
The old crane boy said to himself, "I can’t stand in your way. Will the demon goddess drive me away? Even if I meet the Tianpeng Venerable, if the Empress and I are both one, I may not refuse to please the Empress without me."
Kyubi no Youko demon saint gently arm in arm on his forehead, and the blue silk will take a white jade-like earlobe and say lightly, "If you don’t want to die, then don’t blame me."
The crane boy howled, "I can’t beat the demon goddess until the ox nose and the old bald donkey come out."
Suddenly, a huge lotus flower rises in Ran Ran, west of the sea, and swings around the world with the chanting of Zen. At the same time, a tall Buddha in Lianhua Mountain sits in a daze. If the Buddha comes, his magic will be great and the golden light will dye half of the clouds red.
Kyubi no Youko Yaosheng clenched the powder fist, and the glittering back of his hand exposed the ribs as delicate as cyan jade, reflecting the mood at the moment.
The crane boy is just a bait. It’s true. Leave them with a pinch
In the south, however, there are a number of scattered fairy illusions. Following Yue Xian, a beautiful woman with white clothes and bare feet and long hair and a willow net bottle is walking step by step. Her face is soft, beautiful, compassionate and holy, which makes people feel stable and peaceful.
To the east and to the west, there is a Taoist priest who bears the sword bag. The face is exactly the same, and the look is indifferent. It seems that even the ice and snow can’t stand the shock wave.