"Suddenly thought of a person" Luo Yu did not explain.
Obviously, Huang Lao’s mouth is endowed with the second generation, and Huang Lao’s disappearance is very likely, and the Mo family was wiped out by the mysterious and powerful sword, which may also be endowed with the second generation!
Is he … To destroy the mo family?
I can’t figure out what clues Huang Lao might have when he finally crossed the mountain.
Thinking of this, he got up and said, "Miao Deacon, since Huang Lao has crossed the mountain, I will go to the mountain to see if I can find some clues and say goodbye."
Luo Yu is now a cat’s paw and naturally has the qualification to enter the mountain.
At the moment, he was about to leave when he suddenly remembered Yunzhou’s strange place and asked, "By the way, wonderful deacon, I have hardly met any monks all the way here since Jinxia Lingyun crossed the Yunshui Great Wall …"
Before Luo Yu finished, he got up and sent Miao Shui Rou with a smile. "There is no need to filter more. This is an ancient secret land in Yunzhou Naichi in recent days. All the clansmen’s families have been scattered and repaired, and they are already preparing to enter the ancient secret land in Nai Chi Pan."
"So that’s it." Luo Yu was relieved.
See wonderful Shui Rou then says, "The shakotan coast should be accessible in these two days. I’m afraid Nai Chi Pan has gathered outside the mountains at this time, and most of the strong Guizong bodhi old zu should also."
When I heard that the bodhi old zu was amazed by Luo Yu, I suddenly felt a little strange, so I asked, "Is this waiting for the secret realm to make the strong people have clouds?"
Miao Shui Rou said, "It is said that this secret land has never appeared in the past, and there may be different treasures of heaven and earth, which led to …"
After listening to the secret world, Wen Luoyu was curious and wanted to check it out. After all, Bai Lianxing, a master of his own clan, was waiting outside the country in secret at the moment.
Besides, the secret has not yet been revealed, but it’s already full of words. And say it like someone witnessed it. I wish heaven and man knew that the strong outside the mountain would come one after another.
This is weird. It’s a gesture of nodding and luring fish.
You know, if you really find something secret, who is willing to go out and attract others to compete?
But … At present, I can’t consider many things myself. After all, it’s better to go to the mountains first.
This time, misty rain pavilion has learned about everything that has happened in the mountains and seas in recent years
I’m afraid there is a Mohling Lord behind the mundane Zhao Yan war and the struggle outside the mountain.
Hundreds of Richter scale, Mo family were destroyed one after another. The rise of the ancient villa in the cold, Xuantianzong fell to Guying and Qiushui, and I don’t know whether these three families were unaware of it or took refuge in the ink spirit Lord after knowing it.
If it is the latter, the situation will become extremely pessimistic, and now the situation is more like a headless fly.
But now that I have returned to the valley of the mountains and seas, I have to guard against it!
Thinking about this, he asked, "Mr. Miao Huang wondered if I could order misty rain now?"
Wonderful Shui Rou one leng and then a solemn and respectful salute "misty rain pavilion for cat’s chance to call".
See this Luo Yu with a smile, "This time Naichi’s secret land is opened, that is, I want to kill Yanyu Pavilion. After the secret land is opened, I will lift the cabinet force …"
Shui Rou, shocked by Luo Yu’s way, said, "What is this …?"
Luo Yu said with a serious expression and dignity, "The situation is very dangerous. The soldiers are devious, and we should also change the truth from time to time. At present, the mountains and seas are unknown. I can return it by surprise. I wonder if the deacon can do it?"
Miao Shui Rou immediately promised to hold a ceremony, "Misty and Rain Deacon Miao Shui Rou obeyed the order of the cat!"
After being discussed, Luo Yu will leave and leave.
Miao Shui Rou, on the other hand, stood in the red pavilion and immediately shouted, "Treacher?"
In a flash, a young surfer "please tell the deacon" came.
However, Miao Shui Rou shouted, "Tell the thirty-two misty rain apostles to rush back immediately, and then order the Ningxing guardian of the Qing Lao Shan Hai Wei to stand by the Ares Islands … Don’t let the slightest wind out!"
Tread on the waves and follow the promise.
At the moment, Miao Shui Rou has looked at the vast sea in the north with a charming smile.
Chapter 774 Hanging Stones and Floating Bodies past lives
Mountain crossing in the middle of Yunliang Prefecture
Guoshan is located in the middle of Linhai, Wan Li, and the vegetation is barren. The central part is slightly raised, which can be described as barren.
The more you count the suspended stones toward the center, the more dense and sparse they are. The arc is pulling and slowly rotating around the uplift mound, making a weak thunderbolt sound.
On the other hand, the huge stone mound with a central uplift stands a huge mountain base like Tianzhu. This’ Tianzhu’ hangs like a bell, and the narrow point hangs over the stone mound and reaches the clouds. It seems to cover the sky and the crown is muddy, such as supporting the towering beams and columns of heaven and earth.
This ….. is a mountain!
The word "Liang" in Yunliang Prefecture is taken from the majestic potential of this mountain.
At the moment, the arc winding around the barren forbidden area at the foot of the mountain is full of pungent blood smell.
Therefore, there are dead bodies floating around the mountain with hanging stones.
These bodies are covered with sword marks and bloodied. It seems that they have been cut by several firm but gentle swords before their death. Generally, the residual limbs and broken arms can be seen everywhere.
Most of them are guards of Kyushu Shanhaiwei, but they don’t know that they were killed by people.