This lost the spiritual cultivation environment, and the strong advantage of Longqiu’s physique was revealed.
Looking at the invincible people, Long Qiu Bai Zhi is full of pride, but he can’t get rid of a few days later.
He suddenly had an idea that he wanted Tianhou to witness their anger … expression when they took the place of Bai Feng’s family to ascend the throne of Huan Tian Palace.
Smile when he sees that his winner’s posture is faint. "Tianhou can wait and see that your loyal servants are completely destroyed. At that time, the old lady will personally send you and your people to meet in the yellow road."
Said the Long Qiubai suddenly looked at Bai Lianxing with a snort of laughter. "But days later, you can rest assured that Long Qiubai is not the kind of person who kills everyone. She is talented and stunning, and it is natural to be able to tie the knot …"
Days later, I immediately stretched out my hand to stop Bai Lianxing, whose face was full of anger, and at the same time, Phoenix’s eyes were filled with awe and mused, "Longqiubai, you are kind."
Long Qiubai laughed "~ where where this is also the promise of Tianhou Jinkou."
Days after stuffy hum a is too lazy to ignore.
Chapter 32 Dragon Fire Attack in the Heavenly Palace Out-of-bounds in Longqiu Town ()
Fantasy heaven chaos
Bai Lianxing knew that the situation was extremely unfavorable to her white phoenix mulberry clan.
However, she still has a glimmer of hope, because several people in the mountains have probably lost their training, but she knows that Luo Yu is a practitioner and maybe there will be a turn for the better …
At this moment, Long Qiubai looked at Sang Leyang, who looked uncertain in rain or shine. He waved his hand high and pointed to the terrace and killed him. He said, "The baifeng clan is doomed. The Sangzong should know the truth of knowing when the times are good!"
Sang Leyang looked at the trapped people on the terrace and struggled for a moment. After that, he gritted his teeth and said, "How can I bend my knees and wait for an old thief?"
Long Qiu Bai is a blink of an eye, and his eyes are frozen, and he is attacked by the wind and bombards Sang Leyang’s chest!
Boom ~!
Mulberry heads a stuffy hum then rolled back and fell in front of the goddess Bai Lianxing.
Bai Lian star hurriedly will help up while Long Qiu Bai dismisses "unappreciative".
Looking not far away, I turned to Longqiu and fell in love with the star in vain. I was about to help the mulberry patriarch to hold the seat, but I didn’t want to look like a faint. The mulberry patriarch looked sadly and anxiously at Tianhou. "Tianhou? Is there no way to break this enchantment? You’re a sixth-order boundary repairer! If I go to you and my family like this again, I’m afraid I will … "
Days later, she frowned and shook her head slightly and looked at the enchantment center of Wendaoshan. "The enchantment at the top of the mountain is the weakness of this array. It can be destroyed if it is comparable to the strength of the shadow, but it has already been isolated from the outside world. Even if we repair it, it will be sealed and broken." Unless you are a respected person, you can see that this enchantment seal is forcibly broken. "
"Honour person? !” Sang Leyang’s bloodshot face turned gray and hopeless …
Their whole celestial clan doesn’t have a venerable person now! Where can I find a venerable man to break the array? Don’t say Lingzhou, it is estimated that the mainland is endowed by God with more than one honour person.
While the silent Bai Lianxing suddenly thought of Dan Lao in the medicine garden.
But she also knows that Dan Laogen can’t get out of the medicine garden. How can she come to save them? Besides, Dan Lao Shen doesn’t like their celestial family. It is estimated that she wouldn’t have entered the medicine garden if it weren’t for Luo Yu!
Thinking of this, she looked inquiringly at her mother. "What about outside the boundary?"
"Outside the boundary?" Tianhou thoughtfully murmured, "If the boundary needs too much, you can forcibly destroy the large array, but at this time … how can you find it?"
Boom ~! ! !
Sighing days later, I saw the thunderous roar on the edge of the colorful enchantment screen in the northwest of the distance!
Everyone was shocked by the smell.
Obviously at the moment, someone is forcibly impacting the large array outside the enchantment!
This ….. Who could it be?
It’s less than 50 miles from the west of Daocheng, not far from Wendao Mountain, and there is a big stone protruding beyond Yunyun’s crown just outside the barrier of Gankun Lock Sky Array in the northwest.
And this boulder is two people together constantly bombarding the large array barrier.
The two men stood side by side, a elegant middle-aged man in a blue gown and a slightly fat, well-dressed woman.
Elegant middle-aged male head Dai Chongyun Guan is holding a seven-section purple bamboo dust, which is stirring in front of him, and the wind and waves are constantly beating against the outer wall of the enchantment.
This person is Wei Dingyan, the former patriarch of Xianling Sect!
Wei Dingyan saw that his efforts and the magic weapon of the seven evil spirits failed to shake this enchantment!
He immediately looked at the bulging woman beside him and asked, "ShiShu, this enchantment will produce a lot! Can you break it? "
Beside her, the old woman with a crane hair and a child’s face was dressed in a plain blue dress. Her hair was tied with a tree root and a wisp of silvery white hanging upside down, which made her look a bit like a sage.
It is her slightly angry expression that really destroys her temperament!
At the moment, she is holding the mouth of a small alchemist furnace in her hand, facing the barrier several feet away, and she is constantly spewing out the flames!