Surdak was tired of bringing airship cold food to see an airship restaurant, so the crew recommended a dinner for the day.
At dinner, Suldak walked into the restaurant on the second floor of the ship building. The waiter took Suldak to the seat against the wall. The waiter brought him peas and fried pork chops. Suldak took a bite and thought that the airship chef really had no problem. The steak was just cooked and the sauce was very unique.
Two ladies also eat in the restaurant, and two young nobles sit opposite them. It seems that the four of them are talking happily, and they laugh from time to time.
Su ‘erdake wiped the gravy on the bottom of the plate with the last piece of bread in his mouth. When he was about to wipe his hands with a napkin, he saw the waiter coming over with a golden apple wine and stopped beside him. He put a crystal goblet on the table and bowed his head to Su ‘erdake and said respectfully, "Earl Alec Seyt wants to buy you a drink …"
Surdak looked up in surprise and just saw the old count sitting in the restaurant. He should have just arrived at the restaurant, and the waiters were putting plates on the table one after another.
See Surdak looked towards him and hurriedly raised his hand and shook the goblet. The golden wine in the goblet saluted Surdak.
In this case, Surdak couldn’t refuse, so he asked the waiter to pour him a glass of wine. The Earl of Aleksite raised a glass of slightly sour golden apple wine and left the restaurant.
Probably because of drinking a glass of wine, Surdak slept soundly in bed after taking a bath.
Early the next morning, Surdak practiced basic fencing on the bow deck.
It didn’t take long for those nobles who were preparing to go to war to run to the deck to exercise. They held wood blade deck in their hands and practiced in pairs. From time to time, wood blade drove out of the fancy sword defense, and one side didn’t shield the block. It happened that they had to dismantle those swords with wood blade in a very fancy way, as if they would lose if they couldn’t dismantle them.
They practiced on the deck for a long time and saw that Surdak was still crouching in the bow and practicing repeatedly. The basic faces showed some ridicule, but no one took the initiative to come over and provoke.
It was not until Surdak carried the red crescent moon away from the nobles that he smiled softly for two.
When Surdak returned to the cabin, he saw the housekeeper waiting for the door and sent an invitation to Surdak before he returned to the initiative …
Chapter 53 Card Match
The sea of clouds is a blue sky at the horizon.
The sky here is clean and clear, and it always shines early. The strong wind fills the sails like a pair of big hands pushing a magic airship forward.
The housekeeper led Surdak into a separate restaurant.
This restaurant has a wide view, and the sea of clouds can be seen from the glass window.
Count Alec Sitt sat at the table surrounded by four waiters. In front of him, he smiled and nodded at Surdak, indicating that Surdak would sit in his left-hand chair.
The waiter quickly put a napkin around Surdak’s chest and he poured a glass of stomach liqueur.
The housekeeper, Count Kuyt, whispered a few words around him. Count Kuyt’s gray eyebrows jumped gently and his face showed a curious expression. He asked Surdak
"I heard from David that you just went out for morning exercise?"
The old count didn’t say those words of thanks, but took Surdak to talk about daily topics.
Surdak was a little nervous and relaxed, and replied, "It is necessary to have the conditions to do morning exercises every day so as to keep the body in the best condition."
Every lattice knight needs to keep in good health at all times, because he may be called up to a certain battlefield at any time.
"It’s not easy for young people to be so self-disciplined. I used to be a knight in disguise when I was young, but at that time I always felt that the army was too hard and often had to face many enemies who were stronger than myself on the battlefield. I insisted on retiring after the end of my military service. If I could persist in it again, I might not be in this situation …" Count Kuyt’s eyes showed his memory.
Surdak rubbed his nose and said, "I’m not always like this. I sometimes lie in bed and don’t want to get up."
The waiter brought a plate of meat pie filled with thick sauce and asked Surdak if he needed it.
Surdak nodded his head and said
Earl Kuyt took the chair and said, "I’m afraid a young man like you won’t know how enviable it is to sleep a little longer. When people get older, their sleep will get worse and worse. Even so, I can sleep a little before going to bed, wake up after a little movement, and then lie quietly in bed waiting for Li to arrive, and then my mind will flash back to the past."
He looked out of the window as if he could see those memories through the glass window.
It didn’t take him long to wake up from his memory before he picked up a spoon and said to Surdak, "I don’t have a good appetite. I can drink some oatmeal milk in the morning, but a young man like you should eat more to replenish your strength."