Can the struggle for ideas help him become a Taoist? All this has nothing to do with the bodhi old zu of Styx
They discussed it for a long time. Finally, Taoist Taixu, Taoist Pot, Taoist Heaven, Taoist Shanhai, the oldest and strongest of the three great magical powers, went to Ren Huang Temple and Ren Huang to discuss it in detail.
Is before three people appeared in Ren Huang has taken the initiative to out of the Ren Huang temple came to the front of the great avatar.
It’s enough to dry them for a while. Can they really disappear?
It was the old emperor who sat in the Ren Huang Temple and watched these great magical powers discuss for a long time. After they discussed the results, they took the initiative to walk out of the Ren Huang Temple and meet them.
Those who saw the emergence of the great magical powers in Ren Huang knew that he was intentional, but they also knew that the other side was in a bad mood and wanted something from others. However, they did not trust the matter and respectfully replied, "We have seen the emperor."
Nodding their heads is considered as a gift. Ren Huang said, "You Taoist friends have come here, and I already know that you want to borrow the Terran Central China to become a Taoist. I really have no opinion."
"Now the chaos fiend is eyeing me in the wild, and even Brother Ziwei has been killed by them. On this occasion, the further suspicion of your friends’ mixed strength will make my wild strength soar."
The great magical powers cooperated and said, "Indeed, in recent years, the chaotic fiend has become more and more puffed up, and I have repeatedly committed crimes, and I have secretly injured the Chinese emperor by means of secret means."
"It’s also that being original and others can be too weak to block the robbery for the Chinese emperor and revenge for the Chinese emperor. We will make the chaotic fiend look good when we become enlightened."
See all the great avatar indignation sample in a row very anxious to chaos fiend die now Ren Huang expression nodded and continued.
"It’s a good thing for you Taoist friends to borrow the Central China Terran to become a Taoist, which is good for heaven and earth. I have no reason to refuse."
"It’s …"
Hearing this, all the great magicians know that the main event is coming. Don’t look at what Ren Huang said earlier. Are all the facts paving the way for the real key or this turning point
Next, it depends on what conditions the emperor prepares. If it is not too much, they will agree to come if they achieve the goal of mixing the Yuan Dynasty and picking Jin Xian.
Immediately there was a great avatar who answered, "What is it? If it weren’t for Ren Huang’s concerns? Please, but say that it will definitely not hurt the people to learn from the Central China Terran. "
After seeing him, Ren Huang said, "Since all Taoist friends have said so, I will speak frankly. Although so many Taoist friends have been reincarnated into Terran together, there is one thing that I cannot help but care about."
"Would you please think about your actions and dig up our ethnic roots?"
When the great magical powers heard the news, they were stunned, and then they had to refute that their reincarnation into the Terran was just a way. If they could dig up the roots of the Terran, what would they do?
Dig people’s roots. This is a dead enemy. The emperor’s words are a little heavy
But soon these great magical powers seemed to realize something and suddenly stopped talking and became silent.
Just now, they suddenly understood what Ren Huang meant.
These great magical powers have reincarnated into the Terran to spread their ideas and let the Terran practice on their way.
And this is digging up the roots of the Terran.
Those terrans learned their ideas and cultivated their magical powers. Didn’t they become the younger brothers of these great magical powers, and these ideas are bound to have a far-reaching impact from generation to generation.
At that time, most of the Terran people will be disciples of these great magical powers. If one day there is a conflict between these great magical powers, will these brothers feel at home?
It’s not even called digging up the roots of the Terran. Then what is? It is said that if this problem is not solved, it is that these great magical powers turned against Ren Huang and it is impossible for them to be reincarnated into Terran.
After a long silence, a great avatar remembered the conditions made by Ren Huang when the saints gambled, and he felt something and followed suit.
"If Ren Huang agrees to be original and reincarnate into the Terran Road, then being original owes the Terran a favor, and after being original and reincarnated into the Terran, even the Terran is original."
He’s trying to get rid of his own people and ask him not to admit that those who have learned his ideas are others, so he doesn’t have them
In this way, the problem of digging terran roots will not be solved.
This is also a decisive person. He promised Ren Huang this way in exchange for reincarnation.
In this way, he will wait for the terran to be given a orthodoxy for free, but he will not suffer. He can achieve the realm of mixed yuan and Luo Jinxian, which is the greatest advantage
Smell speech Ren Huang face smiled and nodded, "but!"
After the great avatar got a positive answer, he was overjoyed and his intuition was really beating, and he was one point closer to the mixed yuan as a mixed yuan Daoguo.
"Thank you, Ren Huang, for being original and preparing to ask Ren Huang again when being original is reincarnated."
Then everyone said goodbye and hurried away.
And this great avatar and other great avatars followed his example and promised Ren Huang the same conditions.
To this, Ren Huang nodded and agreed that there are so many great magical powers to help the Terran. When these great magical powers are all enlightened, the terran heritage is bound to rise to a higher level.
When I saw this, people like Yu Sanbu, Zhou Sanqing, Oriental Taiyi and Western Ersheng frowned.
They are not surprised that all the great magical powers have realized that this is an accident that has been foreseen for a long time, but one person owes the Terran a favor, which makes them big.
These human feelings may not be too precious, but when these people become enlightened, these human feelings will become great things
This is equivalent to the Terran one more than a hundred mixed Yuan Luo Jinxian realm Taoist development escort.
So who else in the three realms can shake the Terran?
Saints can’t stop hundreds of mixed-yuan pick Jin Xian.
"Damn Terrans are getting more and more troublesome."
In the past, the terran in the hearts of all saints was still too big to fail, but today, the saints will pay more attention to the Terran and will regard it as a menace.
This is a more terrible force than the Lich II, because even if the Lich II joined forces, they could not find a hundred mixed-yuan Luo Jinxian.
Although these future mixed-yuan pick Jin Xian won’t completely tie up Terran chariots with all their might.
But it’s enough for one person to do it once.
Chapter 49 Reincarnation of Di Jun
"We have to find a way to suppress the Terran." Zhu Shengnai kept the Terran from growing bigger and tried to suppress the Terran.
Such as suppression?
At this time, it is no longer possible to cultivate the forces. The simplest and most convenient way is to drive the wolf.
Therefore, the saints wanted to think and decided to raise the strength of the demon race to check and balance the Terran.
Lich is the mortal enemy, the demon race, the Terran, and the mortal enemy’s legalization.
Therefore, the strength of the demon race is enhanced to check and balance the Terran saints, and they are at ease and are not afraid that the demon race will join forces against them.