"Nothing," said Yi Shaoqian with a passive smile, wishing that he could not jump up and catch Zou Wei back.
"Specially let the kitchen cook blood-nourishing soup for you, steamed mandarin fish and your favorite food." Beat Li Lanqiu in a thermos bucket, take out one small box after another and put it on the table in front of Yi Shaoqian.
Although I was so angry with Yi Shaoqian a few days ago, Li Lanqiu couldn’t help but relent when he heard that he was injured and hospitalized.
forget it
Their mother started the cold war by herself and ended it by herself. They always meet and don’t talk. What is this?
A lunch ended when Li Lanqiu kept urging Yi Shaoqian to eat more and eat more.
"Mom, I’m sorry. I spoke without thinking in my words that day."
"Hey, you are my son’s mother who can really be angry with her son at the end of the day." Suddenly, Li Lanqiu’s temper turned and then said, "I came to the hospital last night and you didn’t wake up, so I couldn’t ask Shao Qian’s public security bureau to tell me that you were injured because of it."
"Mom, you don’t go home after I’ve finished my meal." I cried deliberately. "Mom, hurry up or let the sun tan your fair skin." I pointed out the window and found that it was cloudy and there was no sun. Yi Shaoqian retracted his finger awkwardly.
depend on
"I’m a little sleepy. I’m going to take a nap. You should go home and sleep, too." For another reason, who made Yi Shaoqian most afraid of Li Taihou asking her why?
"You want me to stay, I don’t want to stay." Li Lanqiu glared at each other angrily, quickly packed the thermos bucket and swayed away on three-inch high heels.
"ding dong"
The door at the door of the ladder adheres to the principle of precedence. Li Lanqiu stepped aside.
More than a dozen people poured out, including doctors in inpatient departments wearing white coats and young female nurses holding medicine bottles, but the most dazzling one was a pair of handsome men and women holding hands.
But seeing men wearing lavender shirts and white trousers, women wearing white vintage crocheted lace shirts with lavender organza long skirts.
It’s not an orthodox couple costume, but there’s nothing too bad
And Li Lanqiu will pay attention to this man and a woman on the one hand because their looks and temperament are really excellent on the other hand because
Isn’t this Jiang Lan’s son Zhou Zichen?
Elegant arch eyebrows unknowingly a wrinkly Li Lanqiu noticed Zhou Zichen doesn’t mean that Zhou Zichen noticed her as well.
What did Yanxi say to him? Listen carefully. The man didn’t look around.
"Knock, knock, knock"
"Come in" just nest into the quilt Yi Shaoqian heard knocking at the door and didn’t even look up.
Either his mother has gone back, or a group of little nurses are asking him if there is anything wrong with him to get mad.
I’m sick of it. It’s not safe to sleep
"Yi Shaoqian" Zhou Zichen’s light voice pervaded the large ward.
Smell speech brush a tear off his face was easy to see what a picture is in front of his eyes. The eyes of Yi Shaoqian’s affectionate peach blossom are not tight.
I caught a cold, and I guess it’s natural to blow it, although I’ve only been blowing it for 2 days. It’s so uncomfortable to lose all the paper at home
5 confession = nonsense
depend on
Are you going to sing a big play in such a coquettish dress?
In fact, the combination of white and purple is really noble and elegant, but in Yi Shaoqian’s eyes, it is like eating a fly alive. Please make a visit to Shu Yi.
"Why are you here?" Still with gauze eyebrows, I can’t help but pick and look at a refreshing Zhou Zichen and then look at myself. Yi Shaoqian really wants to change the unintelligent patient.
He doesn’t allow himself to be in a weak position in front of Zhou Zichen, especially when Yanxi is on the side.
The first one to save lives was himself, but in the end he was picked up by Zhou Zichen.
Wei is right.
You’re a hero. If you don’t save the beauty, you can stomp on a small ant by giving him a lift.
If you go out enough, his brothers will laugh for three days and nights without closing their eyes.
"My little girl and I came to see you. After all, yesterday, thanks to you, I helped me stall with the police. Otherwise," Zhou Zichen’s tone sounded sincere with a slight tick.
Paused to see him and then said, "Simply speaking, I, Zhou Zichen, thank you on behalf of the whole Zhou family."
Come and see him.
Look at him. What
Come and see his jokes.
Can’t help but be cautious. Who let the other party delay that sentence and really let Yi Shaoqian have the impulse to swing his fist?
When procrastinating
What’s more, his gentleman played a role as a human shield during the whole kidnapping incident, thus delaying it?
I’m so worthless
In my heart, I cursed Zhou Zichen’s ancestors for ten generations. If it weren’t for the bed, Yi Shaoqian was still putting a needle in his arm, maybe Yanxi would have to relive the picture of two men pinching each other again.
At the sight of Yi Shaoqian flipping through the peach blossom eyes, you can guess that he must be condescending to himself. What is Zhou Zichen? Instead, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "But since you are taking a lunch break, we can’t ask more questions." He stopped and looked at Yanxi tenderly. "Little darling, let’s put things away. Let’s go."
This is not good, is it
Where have you ever seen someone visit a patient and leave as soon as things are put away?
I think Zhou Zichen is just too good at making up the numbers, but they did come and send gifts. When I get home, he can really report back to Empress Jiang, and you always told me to finish everything.
"Stop which one should kill Thousand Knives King Egg and say that I am taking a lunch break", so I silently scolded Zhou Zichen and went in. Yi Shaoqian grinned when he asked this.
"Little darling, we saw him lying in the quilt when he entered the door." One by one, we Zhou Zichen also hinted that we and Yanxi were decent families.
"Well," I ordered a head of two men to be honest. Where can’t I smell Yanxi?