The Daoism of Mixed-Yuan Sages lies in the state of mind-this truth has been confirmed again for 6 years.
"Where are you going, smelly boy?"
"Jiu Ge, help Bixiao to stop him." A chubby figure, a tender face, dodged into the bamboo forest, and took a look at it. After 6 years, he rubbed his body into the depths.
Bi Xiao flew in, waving his little fist and complaining angrily, "Jiu Ge, why don’t you catch that little one?"
"Don’t worry, he can’t run away." After six years, he picked up a cloud of ink and bamboo leaves, smiling slightly with a thick spoil.
Life on the sunset island is called Xiao, and the cold coat has faded, and the girl’s mind has been restored in the past. Whether it’s six years or Qiong Xiao, this precious mind is far younger than Bi Xiao. Wansheng Princess calls herself "sister" but treats Bi Xiao like a sister.
A few months ago, another "child"-the "toy" in Bixiao’s mind arrived at Sunset Island, and it was quiet in the past. Almost every day, Bixiao roared and then a chicken flew.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-six A deal
Ting pi Xiang Dian
Dozens of immortals are dancing, and the Jade Emperor is leaning on the clouds and casually watching the purple and gold emperor’s crown, the Kowloon imperial robe, the three realms of respect and prestige, the world’s arrogance, and the eyes are drooping. A group of obscure gloomy and solemn roads cast a layer of clouds over the years.
Taibai Venus hurried in and gathered around the Jade Emperor and whispered, "Go for nine days and ask for an audience outside the Puhua Tianzun Temple in Lei Yin."
"What’s he doing here?" Frowning and muttering seems unpleasant. Wen Zhong interrupted his interest. The Jade Emperor gave a hand and ordered him to come in.
Singing and dancing without stopping, the white Venus mumbled something and came out.
Wen Zhong, with a golden whip hanging around his waist, set foot in the temple and looked at the stunning fairy lips in Hua Hudie, evoking a sneer, and glancing at the jade emperor who seemed sleepy with disdain.
Show weakness? It’s a pity that you haven’t done enough. You should shirk your responsibility and decide everything by yourself, even if it’s well disguised. Profit is built on strength. Without enough strength, it is just a flower in the mirror and a moon will come to an end.
"Minister Wen Zhong see positions" Wen Zhong slightly bent down upon.
In the face of the face courtesy of the three realms, which was hand-picked by the Taoist ancestors, we still have to do our best. Wen Zhong has been teaching and influencing for 6 years, and has never taken such a thing as identity to heart.
Respect your heart and disrespect your strength is king.
The Jade Emperor yawned and rubbed his half eyes as if he had just woken up from his sleep.
Wen Zhong wowed but didn’t believe that the ambitious Three Realms Buddha would be fatuous, but he couldn’t admire his acting skills. Only by being familiar with the Jade Emperor can Taibai Venus capture a ray of satisfaction from his eyes.
In the celestial demon clan, other major sects generally don’t listen to him, the God of Heaven, nor do they listen to propaganda.
What is commendable is that the forces in Wen Zhong have achieved superficial respect
Just superficial articles made the Jade Emperor finally face D and have a little affection for the demon race, just a little comparison with the three religions.
When Wen Zhong was seated, the Jade Emperor waved away a group of dancers, leaving only Taibai Venus, a confidant, and asked with a pleasant countenance, "Is it important for God to come here?"
Take a closer look at the heart of Wen Zhong Jade Emperor. Suddenly, I’m surprised that I haven’t seen this demon emperor saint’s second brother for many years. I’m afraid his strength has soared to such a point that he is no match.
In his early years, he listened to Taoist Hongjun and learned the wonderful method. The Jade Emperor was a master of the three realms. He was confident, discerning and knowledgeable. Wen Zhong’s mana gain was unheard of
Wen Zhong said in a fuels way: "Ying Zheng, a great sorcerer, disturbed people to steal state artifacts and destroyed thousands of Li Minchen people’s livelihood. He has already captured 200,000 soldiers and generals to bid farewell to his position."
"Now that you have ordered the military forces and the Buddha to go, you will come to see him." The Jade Emperor’s eyes and expressions are extremely angry, but he has patience.
Zun Tiandi is nothing but a shell emperor. How many people can be transferred to the heaven? How many people come to take refuge in his famous Three Realms instead of being close to the saint?
If you don’t prove that the mixed element is an ant.
"I’ve come to inform you that" Wen Zhong touched his mustache with one hand and pressed the golden whip of the dragon with one hand with a look of indifference. "There is one little thing to bother with."
Inform? Is it just "informing"?
See! Naked ground vision! Zun Tiandi’s ground skin was trampled by human feelings!
The jade emperor hid his fist behind him and clenched his terrible veins stood out. "Oh? After all, God may wish to speak frankly. "
Wen Zhong said lightly, "People who practice Xu Fu’s Daoism are profound, people detest evil as hatred, and expose the remnants of the Wu clan. There are heroes who dare to recommend him. The emperor of Zhenwu Dangmo asks for a letter to the three realms."
"Bold!" Don’t wait for the jade emperor massage furious hardcore confidant Taibai Venus jump will come out Ji refers to Wen Zhong Shirley drink a way "emperor monarch has its own position to decide whether to give and receive privately! Rebellious minister thief you … "
The sound came to an abrupt end, and those thunderous eyes flashed and stared at him, making Taibai Venus breathe a sluggish chill and rising from the heart. The declaration of loyalty and straightforwardness will continue.
Wen Zhong turned his head with a cold hum and looked directly at the Jade Emperor and asked, "What’s your reputation?"
The Jade Emperor was furious and smiled faintly, saying, "Even if the Buddha remembers the wrong thing, the Heaven has its own statutes. Even if he is honored, he can’t arbitrarily give a great reward to the immortal Buddha with outstanding achievements. This is really hard for me."
Statutes? Difficult?
Wen Zhongxin sneers repeatedly, even to benefit …
It’s a pity that the imperial seal in Kowloon was lightly sighed when the imperial case was swept over and it was golden.
There is only one jade emperor who can move, otherwise things will be simple. Why do you need to talk to this waste?
"The wizard is wreaking havoc on people and seeing hundreds of millions of people suffer in the heart? Chui fook this person’s success or failure in the war situation should be rewarded and rewarded to save the people from hot water. "
Wen Zhongyi’s words are compassionate.
The Jade Emperor looks strange and unmoved.
"This time, hundreds of millions of people will always remember their merits and pay homage!" Wen Zhong’s eyes loomed with mist, and the red tide seemed to surge to the extreme.
The Jade Emperor’s eyes are sometimes closed and sometimes half sleepy.
Taibai Venus glanced at Wen Zhong and quickly glanced at the jade emperor’s heart. Does Wen Zhong need good acting skills if he is such a big man?
Wen Zhong dark scold a white this many words, this old guy is simply "don’t see the rabbit and scatter the eagle". It seems that if you don’t give some benefits, you can’t give it. Anyway, it’s a cheap thing, and it can’t be monopolized by yourself.
Silent for a moment, Wen Zhong’s heart relaxed a lot of light ways: "Pursuing Ying Zheng’s perverse behavior in people depends on his own magical powers, leaving all the major sects in humanity to destroy the mortal world, which is the foundation of heaven. If there is no fairy rising to my heaven, the remnants of the witch clan will be developed and strengthened, so vicious that the foundation of my heaven is provocative. This wind cannot be tolerated, so I hope to make a decision early."
The Jade Emperor’s eyes gleamed half-closed, and Wen Zhong’s words were "perverse" and "pursuing Tianwei" … all nonsense.
There are two words that really deserve the jade emperor’s attention-people without the orthodoxy of major sects still have the word "foundation"
The size, population and aura of the earth fairy world are all small people. Even if the earth star collapses, it will not affect half a hair on the heaven.
The foundation is not the foundation of heaven, but the foundation of his jade emperor.
Lack of confidence and manpower has been framed by major sects. The first wish in my life is, of course, to prove that Taoism is mixed, followed by cultivating my own power.
It is not easy to mix Yuan Daoguo with great perseverance, great wisdom and great opportunities. Today, it is only a small number of Taoist priests.
The Jade Emperor pursued diligently and never gave up, but his heart was self-confidence and he had little chance to get mixed fruit.
Wen Zhong’s meaning is very simple. He promised the Jade Emperor the Taoist priest in exchange for the life of the real martial artist.
"Of course, not the preacher alone …" Wen Zhong snickered and muttered to himself, but it was not up to the three realms after he wrote to him.