Sun Fu frown looked at Wu Yi and looked at Ber Ber didn’t speak, but his eyes were sharp as a blade, which made people afraid to look straight into the eyes. Finally, Sun Fu bit his teeth and fuels-
Speaking, Sun Fu turned and rode a horse.
"Hum, you are smart enough." Wu Yi looked at Sun Fu with a light hum, and then looked around. Here, several people have gathered. When they saw Li nodding to him, they were transported to the air port. "Ning Jia made two assassinations of court ministers, causing Li’s secretariat and Jiang’s adult to be killed. Today, our Red Wing Army was ordered to come and catch criminals, etc."
Wu Yi’s sound is rough, and his dark strength and good luck are added to his loud voice, so people can hear it clearly …
"Oh, my God, Li Daren and Jiang Daren were killed by Ning Jia."
"Ning Jia’s bravery is too big. That’s an imperial envoy. This is going to lose his head."
"It shouldn’t be true. How could Ning’s family do such a thing?"
"It can’t be said that you didn’t see the Red Wing Army coming? It’s said that Ning’s family committed crimes and Li’s adult was beaten by Ningshan. It’s really impossible to say …"
"I Tianning home this is crazy even dare to kill an imperial minister …"
It’s amazing that we can’t calm down here for a while. Ning’s family killed an imperial envoy, and it was two cowards who were directly scared to death. What is an imperial envoy? In the eyes of ordinary people, they can’t dare to offend big people, let alone rob and kill them. That’s a big crime of losing their heads and destroying their families, but Ning’s family did it. It’s scary …
Of course, there are also some people who don’t believe that Ning Jia did it. With the rise of Ning Caichen, he killed the snake demon monk and helped the refugees. Ning Jia’s prestige in Chenxian County was very high and won the hearts of the people. Many people didn’t believe that Ning Jia would do such a heinous thing, but Sun Fu led a 10,000-man army to Ning Jia, like a torrent. Even though the sun was shining, it made people feel cold.
"What the Red Wing Army wants to capture Ning Jia?" Tang Renjing, the official of the government, got the news, and the whole people jumped out of their chairs. "Is it impossible for the court to find Ning Jia’s head? Although Ning Jia is crazy, it is very clean. We have not found strong evidence. The court can’t have evidence …"
"Adult now is not to say that Li has led the Red Wing Army to Ningjia at these times." Next to Xia Yuan, there are some urgent ways. "What should we do now to help Ningjia or see how things develop?"
"Walking to Ningjia" Tang Renjing bit his teeth. "Ningxiong and I have a row, and this matter is also due to the snake demon. If you want to protect Ningjia."
"I’m afraid I can’t. Lee personally led the team …"
Xia Yuan wakes up and says, "Who is that, Li?" Who is the palm of the red-winged army? When he was in power, he turned his strength into a first-class fighter. He wanted to catch Ning Jia Chen County. Who can resist it?
"If you can’t, try it. If it’s a big deal, don’t let this black hat go."
Tang Renjing gritted his teeth and walked out. Xia Yuan followed quickly.
"Master is not good. Ning’s family is surrounded by officers and men."
On the other side, a member of the Lins’ family looked flustered and ran to the front of Lin Huaiyuan and reported-
"What the hell is going on?" Still drinking tea, Lin Huaiyuan got up
"I heard that the imperial envoys, Li Daren and Jiang Daren, killed Ning’s family. General Li personally led the army to Ning’s family."
"How?" Lin Huaiyuan was shocked, and then his face changed. "Let’s go and see if we don’t walk."
Lin Huaiyuan can’t sit still, because during this period, with the rise of Ning’s restaurant, the Lins also took the Ning’s boat. Now Ning’s family has an accident, and he can’t sit still. One is that he is worried that Ning’s accident will involve them. Everyone knows that Lin and Ning are approaching.
"Are the Ning family crazy? Even court ministers dare to kill them."
Lin Huaiyuan was a little frustrated and didn’t know what it was like.
"What’s wrong with San Niang? Dad, why are you in such a hurry?" Lin Xuelian went to the backyard and saw Lin Huaiyuan rush out to ask Gan Yuying who came in from the outer court.
"It seems that Ning’s family had an accident. I heard that it was surrounded by officers and soldiers and said that it killed an imperial minister." Gan Yuying said.
"Ah Ning’s family has an accident, so Ning Guild will be fine?" Ganyuying beautiful face a nasty.
"It should be all right. Ning Gong hasn’t come back yet."
Gan Yuying calmly analyzed that she unconsciously appeared in her mind to win the snow in white.
Chapter 147 Wai
"Wow … wow … Kuang …" "Let the Red Wing Army handle affairs and other people all return …"
A large group of armored soldiers in Ningfu, Chen Qiao, appeared here. This is the Red Wing Army. Ten thousand people appeared here, causing big waves. Many people were not there. Some wait for a while looked at the sudden appearance of a huge army. Some people who didn’t return to their senses were separated from the center of Ningfu to form a vast area.
Li rode away. Chen Qiao’s eyes were sharp as if there was a flash. He was armed with a pike. The whole person looked at the line of sight. There were two people dressed up at the entrance of Ningfu on the riverside. When they saw the sudden appearance of the army, they all rushed into the house. Presumably, they wanted to report it, but Li didn’t mean it. Today, he came with an army and took a Ningjia as a piece of cake.
Riding back with a wave of his left hand, Li ordered
"Er-er-er-er-er …"
Uniform footsteps and body armor friction ring into a piece with Li Yiling behind the red-winged army moved like two long queues to surround Ningjia until the last such a large Ningfu was surrounded by red-winged army inside and outside for several layers.
"General" saw this scene, Sun Fu’s face was reluctant, and he said to Li Fuquan, "Ningjia Chenxian County has always performed well. How could it be possible to assassinate an imperial adult? There must be some misunderstanding in this, so please ask the general for advice."
Sun Fu spoke out to plead for peace at home.
"Are you questioning me?" Li looked at Sun Fu with a cold eye.
"I won’t dare at the end."
Sun Fu heart jump quickly fuels because he felt the murder of Li just now.
"Excuse me … excuse me … I’m Tang Renjing, Chen County magistrate of a county …"
At this moment, there was a noise in the army behind. Tang Renjing caught up, but he was obviously in a hurry, panting and ran to the front of Li to salute-
"Guan Tang Renjing met General Li"
"Tang Renjing" Li took one look at Tang Renjing’s eyes and then ignored his eyes and looked in the direction of Ningjia.
"What is it?" Li eyebrows a wrinkly look at Tang Renjing again.
"I don’t know if the general will surround Ning’s family." Take a deep breath and Tang Renjing said, "Ning’s family has made something big."
"Ning family criminals killed the court ministers Li Daren and Jiang Daren, and we were ordered to catch the thief" but it was Wu Yi’s way around Li.
"I don’t know who ordered the general to assassinate Li Da and Jiang Da-ren at Ning Jia’s house. This is why I didn’t receive an order from the court." Tang Renjing asked.
"Well," Li’s eyes looked at Tang Renjing with a coagulation like a blade.
"I don’t want to report to you a little magistrate of a county when I do things with the Red Wing Army." Suspected reprimand angrily.