During the period when the navy was stationed, the island of Rialto was particularly calm, and there was no pirate attack or disturbance. All this was because of the naval station, which made Jose and his party stand tall in the eyes of civilians.
Seventy people are walking behind the team leader on an island in the new world.
The person behind the leader in the crowd said to the figure in front, "Captain, are you serious?"
You think I’ll make such a joke, and the head in front of me doesn’t answer
But the people behind him once again advised, "that’s the world’s first swordsman!" Even Janks, the Red-haired One Pirate, dares to refuse the invitation of the Lord, isn’t it … "
"hmm!" The figure in front of a meal and then turned around and stared at the humanitarian behind him. "What do you think I can’t compare with red hair? Or are you afraid of being topped by others? "
No one behind got a fright. "I …"
Well, needless to say, the figure is annoyed and interrupted, "if you don’t want to be robbed, be strong!" I don’t need waste. "
"Yes" the man should continue to follow behind him silently.
If there were a navy here, it would be a shock. I didn’t expect Captain Icarus, the original Bailey pirate with a reward of 290 thousand, to be humble behind others. You know that’s Captain Icarus! Even in the new world, he is a famous pirate!
However, if Jose were here, he would definitely recognize the man who was called the captain by Icarus. It was none other than the navy traitor Gulas, who was offered a reward of 320,000 Bailey men. No one expected that Gulas had set up a pirate group and found several capable men in a few months, and those were all famous pirates in the new world.
At this time, Gulas is wearing a black suit and a white cloak. His height of 1.95 meters and his sharp eyes make him look particularly domineering. Just from his sharp eyes, you can see that he is definitely a strong man.
"Dada, Dada"
A burst of unhurried steps came from the depths of the deep forest, which made Gulas and his party stop moving forward.
Gradually, a figure appeared in front of everyone. The black hat was as sharp as an eagle’s eye, and his eyes had a short beard and a burgundy pattern. The most attractive sight was his black knife with a big knife and a sharp knife.
"There’s an eagle eye * Mifog," a wannabe shouted, and then one by one the pirates behind Gulas "drew their weapons!" Staring at the eagle eye with a nervous face
Cool, ha, ha, ha, Gulas looked at the bearer and laughed. "I didn’t expect to let the world’s first swordsman come out to meet you. It’s too …"
"I didn’t come out to meet you, vice admiral Gulas," interrupted Hawkeye.
Gulas raised his eyebrows when he was interrupted and said, "Since you are not here to meet me, what will appear in front of me and there seems to be no one else on this island except us …"
Chapter 57 Gulas vs Hawkeye
Hawkeye didn’t answer each other’s words, but asked, "Is Ge here to challenge me?"
Challenging Gulas seems as cool as hearing a good joke. "I’m not here to challenge you, but to invite you."
Hawkeye eyebrows a wrinkly "invitation"
That’s right. Gulas said, "This time I’m here to invite you to be the vice captain of our ship."
"The Emperor Pirates?"
"Yes" means that the Pirates of the Emperor, although it has no name yet, I think it won’t be long before it will resound around the world. Three people around Gulas look different. I believe you should know each other!
Hawkeye glanced at tone is not urgent not slow way
Icarus the thug
Kenho Kimura Musashi
Calfee the butcher.
"Ha ha, that’s right. Come on!" Gulaqiao laughed wildly. "Come on! Be the adjutant of the future emperor! The world’s first swordsman Hawkeye * Mifogg "
"No, I refuse" faint voice sounded from Hawkeye’s mouth.
"What?" Gulas looked at the eagle eye as if he had heard something incredible.
"You’re ambitious, but your qualifications are far from enough." Hawkeye said and looked at Gulas. "I’ll stop chatting and I won’t bother you."
In this case, you have the strength to speak. Gulas said with a sullen face, slowly pulling out his sword and clasping his hands.
"Oh, are you preparing me for war?" On the other side, Hawkeye slowly pulls out the black knife behind him, but his eyes are as calm as ever.
Cut with one knife
As Gulas drinks, a blue giant chop goes to Hawkeye at a very fast speed.
"I don’t like you, but that’s all." Hawkeye said with one hand, he raised the black knife and pressed it. Then the ripples in the air suddenly surged and seemed to be pulled by something. It seemed that a green chop had suddenly shot out.
"Boom", a blue and a green chop hit together, and then the chop made by the eagle eye broke through the Gulas chop and rushed towards a group of them.
"Bad" Gulas side three people face a change and then extremely fast to dodge to the side respectively.
At this time, the original face was calm, and the eagle-eye face changed. When the wrist turned to the front, the black knife instantly swept away from the back with another sharp angle.
A harsh "clang" sounded, which was the sound made by the collision of swords. It turned out that I don’t know when Gulas actually appeared behind the eagle eye and made a sneak attack. If it wasn’t for the eagle eye’s domineering response, the blow just now would definitely make him suffer a big loss.
"snow snow"
"ah! Ah! Ah! " At the same time, when a scream sounded, Gulas knew that it was a scream from wannabe he had brought.
That’s right. Those screams are really from pirates’ minions. The world’s first chop is not something that anyone can hide.
"Not the kui is an eagle eye" Gulas looked at the broken arm and blood flowed.
Hawkeye didn’t answer but thought about how Gulas appeared behind him.
"His, sonorous …"
Mars is everywhere. It’s just a moment when the two sides fight each other, so the word "fast" comes from the fact that it’s so fast that the Woods are full of Gulas. It’s hard to imagine that the world’s number one swordsman is in a windy state.
That’s right. At this time, Hawkeye Mifog in the forest is completely defensive
At this moment, Gulas stopped not far from the tree and looked down at the eagle eye. "How about this? This is my strength. Do you still have the confidence to beat me?" Be my partner or die? Choose one from two. "
"Sou" a green chop at gulas.
"Bang" cut through Gulas’ body and then flew to the rear trees. Soon the tree was split in two.
A sword impact sounded again.
I feel that from the eagle eye knife, Gulas can’t play 100% spirit. Whether it’s chopping or strength, he can’t compete with the eagle eye. He looks arrogant and says, "Your chopping is really strong, but if you can’t hit anyone, you will lose it. Have you ever seen a speed faster than the speed of light?"
Just as the words stopped, a blood flower flew out from behind the eagle eye.
"White! You can’t hit me if I’m fast, "Gullston looked at him for a while and said," I’ll ask you again, whether you are a minister or a dead man. "
Overbearing and arrogant words came out of Gulas’ mouth, but his eyes were fixed on the eagle eye. He just exerted his strength. He didn’t expect his blade to break the defense of the other side. You know, the domineering blade can easily cut off the steel! Actually, he left a small mouth on his back. It’s not just that. He just wanted to cut a place, but the weakness in the human body is so much, which means that the eagle-eyed two-color domineering is also stronger than him.
"It’s interesting, but a wound like this is nothing." At this time, Hawkeye’s fighting spirit was aroused. After all, no one can hurt him for a long time! This time, the wound in the back filled his calm and sharp pupils with excitement.
When the two men met, the forest had turned into a land of Gulas, and the speed was getting faster and faster, and even the ghosting became more and more.
On the other side, there are more and more eagle eye wounds. At first, there was one, but gradually it became two, three or even dozens.
Gradually, the growth rate of the eagle eye wound became slower and slower. At first, one appeared in ten seconds, and then it was more than twenty seconds, more than thirty seconds, more than forty seconds and more than one minute.
The sun is getting higher and higher, the sun is getting stronger and stronger, and the ground is still entangled with the figure. At this time, Hawkeye has turned into a beggar’s costume after wearing it, and his ground has turned into a piece of red blood. However, even so, his eyes are still so sharp.
The battle continues. I don’t know when the sun is already west, but the clouds in the west are as if they had been stained with bright red blood.
Hoo-hoo, hundreds of meters away from Hawkeye, Gulas was panting heavily. He looked pale and looked at his wound. Yes, he was injured by Hawkeye. He never expected Hawkeye to follow his speed. This means that he has seen and seen domineering and broken through. If he didn’t flash fast, if Hawkeye didn’t slide too much physically, that knife just now would definitely give him a split.
If at first he wanted to be his deputy captain, now he has given up this idea. He believes that he is definitely no match for Hawkeye if he recovers his physical strength, but he has no chance, because he will be taken away by the world’s number one swordsman and his black knife, which is said to be the strongest in history.