"Black … that’s when he appeared to me."
Corners of the mouth slightly raise a smile, although the little black is not a rickety page image appeared in front of Hong.
But that smell, which is different from human body odor, has become blind to her.
Although it may be embarrassing to hear these little blacks.
But from the very beginning, Hong recognized this monster who constantly changed his identity and silently appeared around him.
This made her tired and world-weary, and she was not curious.
What exactly is this monster going to do, pretending to be a variety of dignitaries who call the roll every night to talk about poetry by himself?
Chapter 41 "naive" people
Xiaohe’s day of changing his identity every day and asking Hong to spend the night with him lasted about three years.
"That day should be the first time he appeared in front of me."
On that day, Hong looked forward to what kind of identity the monster would appear today as usual, as if he had been looking forward to it in the past three years.
Therefore, when Hong found that the scarred black dog was tired of leaning outside the door, she was shocked that her long-lost heart had unconsciously revived her hope for life.
"If I can, I hope that day will last forever."
Don’t need too many words to explain. A Hong smiled and introduced the black dog covered in blood into the room, and then the other party cleaned and bandaged the wound in surprise.
Since then, those guests with different identities have never appeared in Ah Hong’s life. Instead, a boy with a slightly rickety figure has become her doorman’s page.
This day lasted less than a year, and then there was a smell of "trouble" in Chang’ an city
According to a black dog the size of a calf, it broke into Qin Tianjian Prison and destroyed most of the ancient books and collections. After Li Ang ascended the throne, he cultivated a group of practitioners and slaughtered them cleanly.
This directly led to the failure of the post-"Ganlu Change" coup, and then was placed under house arrest by a group of eunuchs. From then on, the imperial city was devastated and depressed.
"From then on, Xiaohei took me to the end of the world and drifted around the world."
At first, they wandered around and hid, but later they unconsciously gathered a troupe composed of talented people and strangers.
These talented people can go home after the Anshi rebellion, and they can hold a group to keep warm and barely survive.
Hong knows very well that these talented people are not human beings, and a considerable number of monsters are also involved.
It was deeply hurt by human beings, but Hong didn’t care about it.
She has little black eyes and the demon dog who saved herself from human purgatory.
Don’t say it’s some monsters. It’s not a big deal for Hong if Xiaohei wants to destroy the world and the devil mixes into the troupe.
"So you know that the disaster has been killing people?"
Pei Wende remembered that Chen Zhengdao, who was killed by the disaster, was killed by the disaster, and the former Si Chen envoy and Wu Fu, the old, the weak, the women and children.
Pei Wende, who was killed by Chen Zhengdao and former Si Chen, has no business.
After all, their bane is hostility and death, and their bane can be said to be inferior to others.
Can’t say that they are allowed to hunt down the disaster and don’t allow the disaster to wait for a trap to fight back?
Pei Wende is not a "double-label monster" in previous lives. He hates this kind of thing so much that there will be no "great humanism" thought
Say bad Pei Wende’s own situation is half a heterogeneous root and he is not qualified to look at their grievances from a high angle.
However, because of the emergence of disasters, demons are rampant in Tanzhou, and those ordinary people who died because of disasters are tolerated by Pei Wende.
Pei Wende never recognized himself as a bodhisattva, but from the 21st century, he couldn’t accept the death of his own kind like an animal.
Even in this troubled times, Pei Wende wants to calm down a little injustice in this world within his power.
It’s Hong’s turn to "look" at Pei Wende with surprise, just like watching a living monster.
"In this troubled times, there are people like you who are so naive."
Heart, wisdom, wisdom, and red will be here in an instant.
Wu Yanqing may just be a fuse that really drives Pei Wende to appear here, which is the sense of justice in his heart.
"I can understand that you lose confidence in human beings because of your own experience and put all your identity, but your heart, on the body …"
"But it seems to me that it is a monster that kills a lot of people and hurts the world!"
Say so firmly Pei Wende didn’t hide his intention at all-even if he lied with his conscience, he would get more information and advantages.
Pei Wende, a fairy girl like Epiphyllum, can refuse to cheat the other party and doesn’t want the other party’s musical sound to be dusty.
"Ha ha, you are really a contradiction!"
Hong naturally saw Pei Wende’s insistence that this made her slightly curious about this slightly contradictory teenager.
"Are you so honest with all your enemies?"
"Or are you the kind of gentleman who is especially kind to women?"
There was a little curiosity in the calm voice. Hong asked herself if she had seen a man, but she was as unique as Pei Wende.
"I’ve heard you play the piano, and I’m a fan in a sense."
Although I don’t understand the postmodern word "fans", it doesn’t affect Hong’s understanding of Pei Wende’s words.
"Besides, I’m here simply because I heard that you can find trouble here."
As Pei Wende said, the fact that Ah Hong’s disaster was an accidental gain in the past was that his real purpose was to find the disaster.
Is it to abide by Chen Zhengdao’s promise, stop the other side from killing Li Gang, or stop the disaster from coming to more ordinary people?
Pei Wende needs to find a curse.
Because his intuition told him that there must be a bigger disaster planned in the disaster.
Otherwise, according to Ah Hong’s description of the disaster, the consistent practice is to avoid confrontation with official forces.
This time, he killed the former Si Chen envoy and the demon master, and now he wants to kill Li Gang, the current Si Chen envoy.
No matter from which point of view, the disaster must be premeditated. What will stop hiding its tracks and will disrupt the situation in Tanzhou?
"You should know what the disaster is going to do!"
I’m sure I’ll stare at the silent Ah Hong Pei Wende, and I’ll know when I look at each other’s expressions that she really knows what to do next.