Zhang Lan stare big eyes and consciously say what’s on her mind.
"Phantom, this … is the Atlantis space carrier frigate?"
"It’s blue. As you can see, it’s really a 17-frigate-one of the space battleship." The phantom should have such a tone
"It … How big is it?" Zhang Lan swallowed a mouthful of saliva.
He hasn’t been so surprised for a long time.
But the phantom’s answer made him stare big eyes full of disbelief.
Space battleship has a cross-sectional area of about 670,000 square kilometers.
"How much … how much! ! !” Zhang Lan’s eyes are all stuttering!
He seriously doubted whether he had heard wrong!
"You heard correctly that the cross-sectional area of Blue space battleship is 670,000 square kilometers."
"Blue I don’t think this is the time to be in a daze." Phantom awakens Zhang Lan. "Trident II(D5) will explode in ten seconds. At present, there are 32 solutions. I suggest that the first one should start the space battleship tractor beam …"
Zhang Lan interrupted Phantom’s head and it was silvery white, so he couldn’t see Trident II(D5), but he also knew that if Phantom finished all the 32 solutions, he would never come!
He speaks very fast, like a bullet.
"I’ll give you whatever you want, and I’ll give you the speed to solve that trident II!"
"As you wish," the phantom replied politely. It doesn’t affect it to fuck him
As the phantom voice falls, a light curtain is scattered from the top of the head. This light is sufficient. During the day, several projections are projected not far from Zhang Lan.
This technology immediately attracted everyone including Zhang Lanren before the live broadcast.
Projection Many ordinary people will be dazzled at first glance, but sharingan Zhang Lan is swept away and all is analyzed.
The sixth channel is a multi-view projection of a missile in flight.
Two are huge space battleship telephoto projection,
The last two are a summary map of the position of Zhang Lan from the perspective of upward and downward.
The flashing red dot is approaching rapidly. It is the Trident II missile!
At this time, Trident II is almost close to the blue point of Zhang Lan, even if it will overlap in three seconds.
At this time, a new projection appeared to see space battleship’s sleek silver-white outer wall making a hole, and the light speed of a beam of light was almost instantaneous, which locked the trident II shape.
Being illuminated by this light beam to Trident II seems to be frozen, but it is impossible to advance even a minute even though the flame behind it is still spraying wildly.
Zhang Lanbai’s beam is the phantom traction beam.
At one moment, the traction beam moved, and it diffracted to the side. The locked missile moved abnormally laterally and flew with the beam to the sky.
Office of the President of the White House, Washington, D.C.
The president stared at the tactical brain and showed that Trident II was getting closer to its destination, and his temper was slowly falling back.
Mata can get the result he wants most.
If Zhang Lan dies, then these things can describe Zhang Lan as an invasion war maniac by political means, and then appease him a little and create some big news to attract attention.
Now the situation is solved.
Ordinary people have always been hoodwinked by their politicians. What they want them to know is not up to them.
Before all this, Zhang Lan must die!
The president doesn’t believe that Trident II nuclear warhead bombing Zhang Lan can not die?
Or he never thought about it.
However, reality is always full of surprises.
It’s not that he just accepted that a small flying object appeared a second ago and lost the trace of that huge flying object.
The president growled that today is not April Fool’s Day. In the live broadcast, Zhang Lan is also out of the superhuman prison.
The entrance is silvery white.
While the president’s assistant was stupefied, he quickly showed up and roared at the president with words.
"Mr. President, I think … the intelligence of the intelligence department should be true." The assistant was still staring at the wall and watching the screen.
It’s really shocking!
"What did you say?"
When the president stared at his assistant, he found that his line of sight was not clear, and his anger in his body and mind became more and more burning, and the tear tape roared again.
"What’s your attitude!"