And at this time, the mutation is protruding!
Boom ~
The shaoyang fruit in the left and right hands spontaneously ignited, and then the fire connected the left and right arms and swept the body!
"Ah ~ help me!" Like a flaming woman, the piercing roar of a nun resounded through all directions.
Just then the gate has come, and ghosts will hate it.
"I want to be greedy from my heart and live with bravery; Seek in wealth and risk and lose in risk … "
In a moment, this nun has been burning with fire, and her body and soul have all turned to ashes.
Since then, the monks dare to show half a greedy color in this tempting fairy wood.
Now, the monks who have passed through life and death have dropped sharply in their early 200 s
After refining the fairy fruit Shaoyang Dan, some monks also thought about it, and then chose to give up offering a return to Yang and leave the ancient underworld.
This is also normal. They have gone through life and death and finally got this little positive fruit, which is a great accident.
When they set out, most of them survived life and death, but after that, there were more than 200 people left, and as many as 30% were laid off.
This is their first place in the secret world, so it’s so dangerous. Then what?
The ghost will say,’ I want to be greedy from my heart and live with bravery; Seek in the risk of wealth and lose in the risk. Don’t tell them to listen again?
So after more than 200 monks left, there are now 119 people left.
Two hours later.
The door of the ghost face of life and death is closed, and a little boy with a yellow lantern is coming
He walked silently with bare feet. When he came to the door of the ghost face, the closed door actually’ boomed’ and hit itself!
Through the giant gate, through the chaos, like the ancient battlefield, through the dark and safe place, which represents the world of life and death, barefoot and white, leaving a series of faint dust footprints.
Dadada …
Clear footsteps echoed in the silence of Wengcheng.
When the ghost buried himself in the front side of the statue, he stopped and asked, "Where is he?"
With the appearance of the statue, the ghost will have a ghost illusion and dare not look directly at the little boy!
He knelt down and replied, "Report that Zunyang has been away for about two hours."
What this ghost will call’ Zun’ turns out to be this seemingly cute little boy, Emperor Xiaoliu!
I don’t know if this emperor Xiao Liu is waiting for a noble status.
Emperor Xiao Liu looked up and stared at the ghost with a pair of big eyes and straight eyes.
He smiled and said, "There are bad people."
Ghost will somehow Yishan hurriedly said, "Zunjian does have a dark source, and the evil spirits are hiding."
A small hand has gently pressed the ghost, and the ghost will still smile "knowing … so I will be punished."
When I heard this ghost, I was shocked all over, so I quickly said, "Don’t worry, there will be something important to tell you at the end!"