"Go to the office for a while"
Gentle can’t bear to sit in his co-pilot and accompany him back to the office.
"Don’t lie again."
Back to the office building, Mr. Teng always took a look at his wife and adults and said
Two people are opposite to each other and gently lift their eyes to see him make a sudden conversation with Xiang, just two minutes after you.
"I won’t go to that chat party if you are willing to accompany me."
"Then you don’t stop those old things from being so disgusting to a girl?" Gentle question
"I don’t mind other women’s business."
Cutting it short is enough to prove his mind.
Gentle was very excited and moved, and he devoted himself to her.
But I think Cong Hong may be very resentful.
In fact, she hasn’t heard that some big ladies are still harmed after entering their own company, but Cong Hong is Yang’s future young lady.
Does anyone dare to bully this boss’s wife?
Gentleness can’t help but relax. Fortunately, it is her husband who takes off.
Walk up to him and take the initiative to raise my hand and hook his arm. She won’t let him help that woman when she sees this kind of thing again.
Because it is easy for a woman to have feelings for him because she has been saved, and with that impure purpose.
She doesn’t want to make trouble again.
But if one day he can’t look at it and help a woman, there is nothing wrong with her thinking. It is necessary to clean up the aftermath, otherwise it will make people think that he is a man who will cherish women.
It’s never wrong for such a man to be cruel to other women.
When she got to the office, she was playing with her mobile phone on the sofa, and he was at work.
She asked him if there was anything, and he said no.
As a result, I was busy for two hours.
By the time he was free, she had fallen asleep on the sofa.
Zhang Mi came in to give him tea, and when she saw the beauty lying on the sofa, she couldn’t help sighing, but she immediately withdrew her eyes.
Teng always looked at Zhang Mi’s eyes when he lowered his eyes and then turned to look at the woman in the sofa.
She fell asleep?
"Go out first," Mr. Teng said.
When Zhang Mi went out, he got up and sat in the sofa opposite her. He looked at her lying on her side and fell asleep. He couldn’t help laughing.
Because there is a heating station inside, her coat has long been taken off, and her panties are very slim with her shirt.
He knew she was fine, but he didn’t expect her to get better and better after many years.
Even more amazing than the girl who surprised him in those years.
When gentle woke up, she was already lying in the big bed in the lounge.
He was lying next to her, and when she moved a little, she reached into his arms. As soon as she raised her hand and touched the warmth, a wall could not help but get close to her face and clung to his chest.
Or because a second or two after being separated by a layer of shirt still makes her face ruddy.
Listen to his strong heartbeat, she could feel his eyes staring at her.
Then quietly raise my hand to cover his eyes.
He smiled, propped his head with one hand and held her hand on his chest with the other. Have you had enough sleep?
"Well," she turned over lazily, but he hugged her tightly from behind
Holding in this position is actually another feeling, but it just feels very good and will be very exciting.
Gentle body is almost a tight body attached to his long body, which feels like the best evidence of love.
The next day Cong Hong pushed her fiance to Tengfei to sign the contract.
"I still want to apologize to manager Teng for the second time. In fact, I am what I can’t do …"
"Yesterday, my wife said that there might be a misunderstanding with Mrs. Yang. Since the misunderstanding was solved, our two families are happy."
Teng always said this but summoned his wife’s adult.
"Cong Hong, I have worked too hard during this period, but I will get better from today. Thank you, Mr. Teng, for agreeing to sign the contract with Mrs. Teng so happily."
Yang Shao is no longer a proud gentleman, but a little more humble.
Teng always smiled and remembered that it was as if the man surnamed Yang had sent flowers to tenderness.
However, the past has passed, and now he has a woman who is willing to pay for it, and Teng Yun is not worried that his woman will be taken away.