NiHaoDong body a stiff low smile in her earlobe gently bite him while spraying hot air in her ear while kissing her neck and shoulders as deep as ancient eyes have long been replaced by crazy in love.
"Are the relatives gone?" He asked dumb.
"Well," she gently well a body with the thrill.
She was squeezed against the wall by him, holding her face in her hands and kissing her deeply to settle down, wrinkling her eyebrows, putting her arms around his waist and eyelashes and blinking gently.
After kissing for a while, he lifted his eyes and stared at her face. He whispered "goblin" and then picked her up and went to the bedroom.

"The goblin is tired." Ann fell panting on his body and closed his eyes.
Ni Haodong hugged her body and jerked over, staring at her with burning eyes and smiling at her sweaty face. "Have you heard a word?"
"What?" She asked the thrill between the eyebrows lazy.
Section 1
"Don’t take this porcelain job without Jin Gangzuan!"
"get out!" She felt bored and pushed her hands on his chest and growled.
"Well rolled sheets!"
Next time, when did this man learn so much …
"Well" her lips were sealed by his cool lip, and the sheets were tightly twisted between the eyebrows.
After the event, they hugged each other and went to sleep. To be exact, Anluo didn’t know if he really slept or fainted.
At noon, I heard someone knocking at the door. Ni Haodong opened her eyes and saw that she was still asleep. She got up and put on her clothes and went out quietly.
When the door opened, he saw Yang Bai and Chen Shuai picking their eyebrows slightly outside.
"It’s good to move very fast." Ni Haodong’s voice is still hoarse with water shortage, and it’s just strange that he wants to have a carnival.
"Is everything all right?" Yang Bai’s low question
Chen Shuai’s eyes looked at NiHaoDong back and forth, and then he smiled and said, "I’m relieved to see that you’re all right. Yang Bai said that my legs were soft after the earthquake here."
"Come in"
NiHaoDong turned into the room and Yang Bai elbowed Chen Shuaiyi. "Stop being emotional and go to the car to get something."
Chen Shuai was so depressed. How did he become a sidekick?
Ni Haodong frowned when he saw the girl brought in by Chen Shuai and the box in his hand. "Have you been to that mountain village?"
Yang Bai shook his head. "I didn’t meet them at the door and took out all the things you left in the hotel. There are as many boxes, mobile phones and wallets. Let me tell you that the rescuers over there are nearing the end to reassure you, but this child said that it was Ni Shao. Do you want to bring it here?"
Huanhuan lowered her head. As soon as she heard them remember her, she slowly looked up. She had already taken a shower and changed into clean clothes. A little face was tender and tender, and she was a lovely girl with big eyes. It’s a pity that she should be worried about her age, but now she lost her parents overnight. The girl’s eyes were filled with pain, loss, anxiety, panic and other emotions that made people feel distressed.
"I want to see my sister." Her voice was very low but clear. She didn’t speak all the way, and she was very strong. At this time, her big eyes seemed to be covered with a layer of water mist.
Ni Haodong looked at the bedroom, then turned to look at the poor girl in front of him and said softly, "Sister is sleeping, and you can see her when she wakes up. Tell me, do you have any other relatives besides mom and dad?"
When Huanhuan heard Ni Haodong’s mom and dad, she just pouted and wanted to cry. But when she saw this big brother with some serious faces, she held back her tears. At the head of the village, she saw her mom and dad lying together, talking about how she shook and cried, and they didn’t move. The village head told her that mom and dad were dead, and the village head also said that when people died, they would never wake up.
She bowed her head and kept silent, her shoulders trembled slightly, and she accidentally plunged herself into fear. Ni Haodong did not force her. He told her in a low voice, "Chen Shuai went out to buy some food and toys for this child, and then looked at what was in the street to eat and buy some dinner."
"Oh, no problem. I’m on my way."
After Chen Shuai went out, Huanhuan sat on the sofa in a daze. Ni Haodong helped her play the living room and found a children’s channel. Her sight was slowly attracted to her.
Ni Haodong took a bite of a cigarette and looked at Yang Bai. "Is Sioux City still peaceful these days?"
"It’s okay" Yang Baimei flicked her finger on the table and suddenly looked up and said, "Miss Cheng and her family had a private meeting for an hour or so, and they came to Sioux City to wake Miss Cheng up."
NiHaoDong corners of the mouth peep out one silk smile, he picked up the table glass and drank saliva low happily say "well".
Well, what does that mean? Yang Bai gave him a strange look and went on to say, "Zhou Mi said that Chen Shuai and I would take you back here. The earthquake caused a sensation in the country. Once the photos of you taking part in the rescue in the first line are published, it will definitely cause widespread concern, and then the corporate image will be tall."
Text 13 Like his wife
"Hmm" Ni Haodong bowed his head and drank the glass of water in his hand, then suddenly glanced in the direction of the bedroom, and then got up and turned to the bedroom. Yang Baitan’s hand showed an incredible expression. Only then did he find out how profound the Chinese characters in China are, and how could a single word "hmm" come out of Ni Haodong’s nose and confuse the listeners? Are you going back or not? Do you want to book a flight?
NiHaoDong with elegant steps, the two long legs disappeared into his sight without a few steps. The bedroom door was closed by Yang Bai, who looked at the little girl sitting on the sofa and watching. The little girl was attracted by cartoons and temporarily forgot the pain of her parents’ death. Yang Bai got up and held her mobile phone and went to the door to talk. Occasionally, she glanced at the little girl.
Sure enough, as he expected, he vaguely heard a heavy object fall to the ground just now.
Ann rolled out of bed and fell to the ground. She looked around with a stupid face and finally saw NiHaoDong’s smiling eyes behind her. She got up from the ground.
Just listen to his voice floating overhead. "Do you miss what rolled sheets feels like dreaming?"
"You just dream of rolled sheets! Hey! "
NiHaoDong hook up lip angle at her picky "now that you wake up, just get dressed and go out. That Huanhuan is in the living room. She seems to have a good impression on you and said she wanted to see you as soon as she came in."
"Huanhuan is coming? Then I’ll get dressed quickly and you can go out! " Ann pushed him out and closed the door, fearing that he would deliberately come in to see her change clothes and left the lock. NiHaoDong watched the closed door and revealed Nai smile, shook his head and went back to the sofa to sit.
"East elder brother inquired about this girl and a close uncle’s family. It is estimated that after hearing the news of the earthquake in G city, they will also actively inquire about the situation here." Yang Bai said as he hung up.
"Then go to G city and inform the media of Huanhuan at the same time to spread the news and help Huanhuan find her uncle."