Gang Han Huangsai wobbled over there and began to take people to count the huge harvest area after expanding the territory. There are a lot of detailed information for a while, but it really didn’t come out.
Gusai’s side is another scene.
Sun Hao didn’t want to fight for a long time and directly moved the agarwood sword to drive the four seas sword to mobilize Lin Haili to help bury the brave warrior.
Quite natural unwilling to give in easily bound desperately resist fully entangled for half an hour Sun Hao sentence "Great Warriors have a good trip …"
The big axe crashed to the ground, and the leaves of Taotao fell to the ground. Sun Haojian’s intention drove up the huge stone, and all the bodies of Mangan and several barbarian warriors were rolled to the huge stone. A huge stone crashed and the agarwood sword fell a little.
The boulder crashed into it again, deeply burying the barbarian warriors who had once enjoyed the scenery in the depths of the earth.
Perhaps these barbarian warriors and great warriors will eventually become obsessed with life and death
An arc in the agarwood sword flew back, and the leaves receded like a flood, taking away all traces.
Sun Hao said with a slight sigh in his heart, "The current situation in Jijiabao is not good. I will take you to Huiyuan quickly."
Say that finish also ranging from a few female companions to a conversation with a wave of his sleeve gently Lin Haizhong branches and leaves like waves surrounded several female companions.
A gust of wind blew the leaves and fluttered with the wind faster and faster, rushing in the direction of Gusai.
Although several women in her family are worried about her family castle, they are still full of shocking, fast and clever ways to move on.
The wind roared and the leaves fluttered, and each wave was higher than the other.
Pieces of wasteland in front of me quickly drifted past.
It’s like sitting on the top of the wind, flying with the wind and riding the wind and waves.
Ji Ruxue and Xiaoqing looked at each other with hope.
Ji Yukou said, "I haven’t seen a lone wolf for 20 years. You’re getting worse and worse. You actually killed Man Peipei directly. You are really my idol."
There is still green light around the front to lead the way, and Sun Hao said indifferently, "That’s because I borrowed Lin Haili, otherwise it wouldn’t be so easy."
Ji Yukou giggled. "We joined the Sword Sect to make progress now. I didn’t think you could giggle faster if you practiced alone …"
Sun Hao didn’t sink into his sword and hurry on.
Quite suddenly appeared. His words didn’t mean anything. There may have been a change in Gusai, hoping to get help.
Surprisingly, Ji Tiliu, the lone wolf whom she admired the most, is now silent, drifting with the flow and a little lost in thought.
The high-speed Linhai waves pushed several people to approach Gusai as fast as they could.
A few people have come back to their leisurely places for a few days, and they have finished running in less than half a day.
In front of the lone wolf’s body surrounded by leaves on the periphery of the ancient fortress wasteland, he suddenly said, "I will send you here after a thousand miles. See you later."
Say that finish body flash disappeared in the jungle.
Ji Yukou shouted, "Lonely wolf, lonely wolf, don’t go. Jijiabao needs you."
The leaves bounced up and several women were bounced off and fell to the ground.
Holding her body steady, Kyoko waved her sword of cutting and said, "Come on, let’s go back quickly."
Ji Ruxue said softly, "Wait a minute."
Ji Yukou was stunned. "Who are you waiting for?"
In the Woods, Ji Xiaoshan’s body suddenly appeared in the field of vision and his mouth shouted, "As fast as snow, please take me back to Guseji’s castle."
Ji Ruxue cold face emerge filar silk smile feet a step on the fly sword a blunt past Sun Hao single-handedly pulled the fly sword mouth said "sisters go back as soon as possible …"
Four flying swords break like meteors and fly away to Gusai.
Flying sword Ji Ruxue said softly, "Thank you, Hill."
Sun Hao also said with a smile, "I am a thank you for her family, so I don’t have to."
Ji Ruxue gently "hmm" and asked again and again, "Can’t you fly?"
Sun Hao "Without proper environment, I can’t compete with flying swords, but I’m still stronger. It’s better to ride a downwind sword faster and more comfortable. It’s also a feast for the eyes to ride a sword with a beautiful woman like Xiaoxue."
Ji Ruxue’s jade face is reddish and looks good.
At this time, Ji Yukou said loudly, "Hey, hey, hill, how did you come back so soon …"
No one gave her an answer. Flying fast and huge, Gusai is far away.
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Chapter DiYiSiLiuSi Xiaoqing home wounds
In the distance, Gusai saw the smoke billowing and the flames blazing.
From time to time, there are flying swords or spells, and the war continues.
Ji Ruxue and Sun Hao looked at each other with a little stability in their hearts, and they wanted Kikuba Castle to have resistance before the fall, so they had a chance.
Force flight for more than an hour four sword light finally close to the ancient plug.
At this time, the ancient plug array can’t get in and out if it is slightly lower.
But a large array like Gusai can’t stop then swordsmen.
Four women’s mouths are full of flying swords, and suddenly the sword light shoots forward and rushes into Ji Ruxue’s face upwards and screams in the direction of her family castle.
In the fierce battle, the battlefields of Jijiabao were slightly beaten.