In addition to the two painted skins, a tiger skin and a ghost that were killed before, Pei Wende briefly struggled and a dozen ferocious evil spirits appeared everywhere in the courtyard.
Hiding in the shade of a tree, a rat-shaped evil spirit, a swordsman’s fierce soul bathed in moonlight, and a person who has just come out of the room.
At least ten members of evil spirits with different forms and races appeared in the courtyard where Pei Wende lived.
"That fierce tiger is really not picky about food at all!"
At first glance Pei Wende realized the origin of these evil spirits.
Anyone killed by those tigers will be caught in the soul and become a ghost.
Because of the concept of "first come first served", Pei Wende has been killed by tigers before human beings become ghosts.
However, judging from the current situation, the white-fronted giant tiger seems to be indifferent to the ghost race. Any creature that is eaten has a chance to become a ghost.
All the ghosts in the past are human beings, perhaps just because the identity of "human" can help them deceive people.
"I can’t believe I haven’t shown up yet. I’m a little patient with that fierce tiger now."
Slowly adjusting his breathing rhythm, the brief and violent confrontation just now consumed most of Pei Wende’s physical strength. He is not sure to continue this group of evil spirits to attack and find the hidden tiger behind the scenes.
Pei Wende’s urgent task is to get rid of this group of evil spirits and inform others in the temple to escape quickly.
Maids living in the wing?
Pei Wende has given up hope for their survival after seeing so many evil spirits appear.
"Appear? Tiger? "
So Pei Wende thought about how to get out, and was forced to change back to the "prototype". The servant girl in Tsing Yi became a human form again.
"Haha, it seems that you misunderstood something?"
There was an undisguised malicious smile on her face, which was more like an evil ghost than a human being. The bloodthirsty murder in her eyes was even worse than Pei Wende’s encounter with that female ghost before.
"Do you and I still belong to’ Shanjun’?"
"No, no,no. We’re here to kill Shanjun!"
As soon as this was said, Pei Wende’s pupil suddenly contracted. The first thing that came to his mind was the kind-hearted old abbot.
"The old monk … it was a tiger? !”
Surprised, dumbfounded, at a loss, puzzled …
Pei Wende felt his brain suddenly knotted after a series of clues and intelligence were completely mixed together at this moment.
If this group of evil spirits is no longer the eye-catching white-fronted giant tiger, they are as resentful and angry with the giant tiger as the female ghost.
So who will be the real white-fronted giant tiger?
Are the three ghosts who were killed by themselves and these ghosts a group?
And who is the evil behind the scenes that drives the ghosts to hunt "blood food"?
The most important question is: Why do these ghosts mix in the Li Yanran Maid Team? What is their Li Yanran like?
Or to put it another way, what are Li Yanran and the white-fronted giant tiger? It’s not really a father and daughter, is it?
[What the hell is going on here? 】
[It’s nice for me to touch such a complicated plot for the first time! 】
Chapter 23 One hundred snake demon
When Pei Wende was in a real crisis, the battle between Yuande and Huiji in the Daxiong Hall of Mulian Temple was close to the end.
With Hui Ji’s Buddhist name, the Buddha’s light behind him naturally faded, and the whole hall was calm and peaceful again.
Only lying on the ground can prove that a battle has just happened here.
Temperament indifferent, unscathed Hui Ji compared to round Germany now the situation is much worse.
The body is full of fractures and bruises, and the left eye socket is also red and swollen, which obscures the line of sight. Even the monk’s iconic bald head bulges out in big bags.
Judging from the image alone, Yuan De’s injuries are more insulting than fatal.
"Why don’t you kill me?"
Hard turned to look at the next round Germany. No one knows the difficulty of this battle better than him.
Since Hui Ji stopped hiding her identity and appeared in front of her, the battle has been doomed.
The only strange thing about Yuan De now is that he is very "cowardly" when he is so aggressive and quiet but really needs a killer
"I have to be compassionate when I am a Buddhist monk."