Wait until all the candles are extinguished. Does this tell me that I can go in?
I walked into Chenxin step by step and smiled at her when I was in front of him.
Then I did not hesitate to hit Chenxin’s neck with a hand knife! She suddenly went soft and fell to the ground.
I looked at my hand, but I didn’t expect this thing to be so good to say, but others thought, but in the end it was still human body.
Let’s take her to Ying Zheng.
When I recited Chenxin, I suddenly forgot one thing, which was very serious. I had solved the yin-yang symbol.
When I went out, crow Yang must have felt me for the first time. Soon, a group of Yin soldiers surrounded me. I was thinking about how to fight out. Ying Zheng appeared in front of me unhurriedly
"You have a good speed." Ying Zheng looked at my back and said to me with a smile.
I’m too lazy to talk to Ying Zheng. My eyes motioned for the Yin soldiers in front of me and said impatiently, Let’s talk about it when it’s settled!
Ying Zheng smiled and skillfully squeezed a hand. Soon a fire dragon appeared around Ying Zheng.
Ying Zheng’s spirit commanded the fire dragon, and the road through which the fire dragon passed was burned to ashes.
I’m sure I saw Ying Zheng do this.
Ying Zheng is a Taoist.
Chapter 55 Being held hostage
Ying Zheng so easily cleaned up these Yin soldiers, but the movement was a little big. I crossed my hands and watched and guessed Ying Zheng’s meaning.
Is this a fair and square way to tell crow Yang that he will always come to kick your pavilion?
I shrugged my shoulders and praised Ying Zheng’s practice, but I couldn’t think of his practice. Ying Zheng looked at it and I left it at random. Chenxin waved to me and said come with me.
Ying Zheng said this and turned around and walked forward. I followed him, too, but I didn’t walk a few steps. Ying Zheng added another sentence, and she also took it with her.
I looked at the unconscious Chen Xin and seriously asked how to take Ying Zheng Road.
Ying Zheng gave me a strange look, and I seriously replied that you were carrying it.
Why is it me!
Ying Zheng looked at me and said this sentence seriously.
I raised my hand and interrupted Ying Zheng. I smiled at Ying Zheng and said, Show me the way.
Ying Zheng imitated me and shrugged his shoulders, so he walked to the front with his hands easily. I resigned myself to carrying Chenxin and Ying Zheng behind me.
When five people get together, Guo Laotou’s focus is almost on Chen Xin’s body, and all five of us have solved the yin-yang symbol. That appearance is definitely to kick the pavilion!
"Crow Yang must know that we are back. Find him." Ying Zheng said more easily.
The three men were about to leave when I heard this. When I was fine, I called them out. All of them looked at me questioningly. I didn’t understand why I called them away.
"Guo Laotou … ah no … Guo Shufeng who gave it to whom do you remember?" I asked the question directly then.
Guo Laotou looked at me with a frown and said slowly, "It’s Chenxin’s protection of Yin Zhouyang … er, why do I feel like it’s not …"
Guo Laotou’s words haven’t been finished, but he was interrupted by Ying Zheng’s words and struggled with this. Go and find someone for me. Who will tell me about the phoenix method? Who am I in a hurry with?
I took a white look at Ying Zheng. Do you dare to talk to him any more? Zhao Feiyu and Yi left Guo Laotou happily, as if thinking about something and following Zhao Feiyu and Yi to leave.
After seeing them go, Ying Zheng unceremoniously grabbed my shoulder and asked with a smile, How much do you know?
I also replied with a smile, but I didn’t expect that the real Jiuqing Shoufeng was often my back. This woman was indeed the most magical technique in the world.
Ying Zheng didn’t care what I said, but he continued to say simply, "You know this is enough. I don’t want others to know. After all, I made great efforts to control their thoughts at that time, but I want to ask if there are any plans for the real service."
"Yes, she’s going to take the tenth tail. Now it seems that it’s not Yin Zhouyang who betrayed you, but I’m carrying this woman. If you want to kill someone, hurry up. I’m too lazy to continue carrying it, right?" My eyes indicated that I was carrying Chenxin.
Ying Zheng looked at Chenxin Xin and looked at me again. I said seriously, but I don’t want Koo people to die. My apprentice is still loyal to me. It’s just that I have received the control of this woman. If this woman dies, my apprentice will die with her. Although I have seen many deaths, I don’t like Koo people to die.
I’m a little surprised by Ying Zheng’s statement. Is this still Ying Zheng, the first emperor who burned Confucianism through the ages? I nodded as the default Ying Zheng statement, and then smiled and said to Ying Zheng to show me the way.
Ying Zheng walked away unexpectedly. He asked casually, She must ask you to be with you. I understand that you will do something if it is beneficial, whether it is right or wrong. I wonder what kind of conditions she offered you, wealth or strength?
I chuckled when I knew that Ying Zheng was trying to set me up. Even if I told Ying Zheng, these things didn’t have much influence on me. I just answered honestly. She said that I could give it back to me, but it had been dug up and probably couldn’t be put back.
When Ying Zheng heard my words, he immediately stopped. He turned to look at me and said to me in a serious tone, you have no idea how big your heart is, but you will soon know …
"I want to ask you how to protect it? Haven’t you rotted yet? " I looked at Ying Zheng and asked seriously, "Which brand of preservative is introduced?"
Ying Zheng looked at me strangely and said slowly, Are you really Mullin?
I mean that there are many differences between the former Mulin and the present Mulin in Ying Zheng. I smiled awkwardly and thought that Ying Zheng should never think of other places.
For example, Mu Rongxing
Former Mu Rongxing said that Ying Zheng wants to kill Yin Zhouyang, but now it is said that Ying Zheng wants to kill Chenxin. It is normal to have this idea. No matter who this woman stays with, it is a scourge. Maybe she will kill you one day, and you don’t know what it is.
"What do you mean?" I pretend I don’t know anything. I asked Ying Zheng with a smile.
"Your heart seems to be untied by someone," Ying Zheng said bluntly.
"Ha, ha, ha, you’re funny. I don’t even have a heart. Where is the heart?" I laughed and asked, not because of my own image.
When Ying Zheng heard my words, he was first stunned and then smiled, which was a perfunctory past.
When I came to a crossroads, I saw one far away. He saw me and Ying Zheng walking leisurely and waved to us quickly.
"Why are you here?" I was surprised to see one and asked.
I pointed to a wellhead around me and said to Ying Zheng, we have found the place where crow Yang and Yin Zhouyang have solved them. Go.