Seeing this, everyone can conclude that Luo did not know that he had dabbled in refining classics in the past, so he happened to find out the main harm of the damage of Emperor Yuejian by virtue of his past intuition.
Seven days later, the northern part of Xuantian Mountain Range
The cold wind covered with snow and ice in the four seasons of the Xuantian Mountains roared from time to time, causing mist to flow in the mountains, strange rocks, pines and cypresses.
And there is a narrow mountain road with a sunken cliff. At the moment, there are a line of people crossing the mountains. They are Luo Xingyan and his party.
It turned out that after a night’s rest, the desolate cottages finally decided to bypass the oblique moon mountains and enter Cangzhou after much deliberation.
It took them more than five days to walk through the long road of the evil moon mountain range and entered the middle of the snow mountain range, the border of Cangzhou, and then they didn’t have the damn ban
So all the people showed their spells in the south, and in just half a day, they reached this mysterious mountain range.
The Xuantian Mountain Range is already the boundary of Xuantian Sect, so there is also a Xuantian Sect here that prohibits monks from using the same method.
So it was another day and a half when they finally came to this place, which is only a hundred miles away from Xuantianzong.
Stop and look at the vast peaks and snowy mountains in the southeast, and your eyes are full of silver.
Wu Ah pointed to the distant mountains and said excitedly, "Little Master, that’s why Xuantianzong is only a hundred miles away from here."
Luo Xingyan nodded with satisfaction. "Well, it takes at least half a month to get there. I didn’t expect it to be quite fast."
North Twelve Chen seems to have been here, pointing to the rugged forest. "There is a secluded path in the forest, although it is winding, but the speed of Sir Zhong should be two hours."
Beasts in Huan Yun like extremely cold snow country, and this snow-capped land can be described as flat land. People choose this seemingly detour route because of the speed advantage of two dog.
Seeing this, Luo Xingyan looked at two dog defiantly and said, "Twelve said you needed two hours. What do you think, Sir Zhong?"
Two dog proudly raised his big head and hummed, "It’s just a joke, Sir Zhong, I’m an hour long."
Luo Xingyan immediately gave a thumbs-up "Good ~ Sir Zhong is awesome"
Come on, praise sir zhong is even more proud
At this moment, Luo Xingyan pointed to the mountains in the southeast and said, "It’s just after noon at this moment, and it’s still early, so we must visit the mountain before the bid!" Set out ~ "
At that time, the mountain road rang with all kinds of comments.
"Sister, since you worship the mountain, can you have rules?"
"Yeah, you can’t just kick at the door, can you?"
"Stupid! Nature is the enemy first. "
"Oh ~ it looks good. Please tell me the details?"
"Simply borrow it first, don’t borrow it, and call them to borrow it!"
"Ah ~ This … What’s the difference between this and kicking the mountain directly?"
"What’s wrong with you?"
"Well …"