The hellhound gave a piercing howl, and the purple blood in his left eye came out with a frozen liquid. Instead of beating the shield of Suldak with its claws, Gensoul Dakk stabbed the heart with a sword from the chest dripping with hot magma. Suldak waved the shield again and smashed the shield, causing a layer of silver light. The hellhound’s huge body slammed into the city.

At the moment when Surdak went to war, several knights of the guard camp in Chengtou were rushed out of the battlements, and the vicious dogs of hell rushed to the ground. However, all the squad leaders of the rescue team were experienced, and the knights immediately led the exhibition to fight back and rescue

At this time, if the six crazy phases and six songs have been printed with six magical spells, it will be a thunder and anger to the Lord who can stop his body. "Death ~!"

Suddenly, the evil water spurted out like a column, accompanied by a circle of blasting rings, tearing hundreds of feet arrogantly, which dealt a heavy blow to the stunned holy body of Mo Ling. Before the holy ghost roared, the devil was shocked and angry, but he still cracked and collapsed. He rolled back and

One-and-a-half-meter-high monster neck with heavy shackles broke a thick oak tree in the thigh and appeared in the dense forest.

Three priory magicians whipped the jungle by magic. When they heard the news that three hellhounds handed me, they immediately plunged into the jungle and saw Flanagan’s magician lying in the woodland with a bloody face. Suddenly, they widened their eyes and gathered in panic. "Lord Flanagan, what’s the matter?" "ah! They killed the Flanagan